How Companies Can Use Facebook to Improve Their Websites’ Success

Improve Social Connectivity and Encourage Facebook Users to Share Contents

Facebook is boring; there is nothing left to talk about.”

I have to admit, that I thought alike, but something changed my mind.

After reading Sarah’s blog post about Facebook and how business people and Facebook users alike can use it to either attract new customers or save money, I became interested in the things Facebook can do to improve companies’ chances to compete against other businesses.

Just like my fellow students who publish their post on this blog, I am quite intrigued by the fact that marketing and business is all around us and that things as ordinary as the social media site Facebook can help a business to have more success with their web appearance.

I am one of the many people who log on to Facebook on a regular basis in order to check news and communicate with friends.

It was luck only, that I became aware of the little add for Facebook Live, promoting the ‘Facebook and Girls in Tech Hackathon’. Since I am a girl myself and interested in how Facebook might work, I watched the video and learnt that Facebook Live was Facebook’s official live video streaming channel, which tackles questions about content, technique and employees.

The ‘Facebook and Girls in Tech Hackathon’ gives women the possibility to show their expertise on the topic of programming and hacking. The livestream I watched was hosted by Randi Zuckerberg, the marketing director of Facebook, who was giving female members of the technology apartment of Facebook the possibility to explain what the social network has to offer for business people to connect their websites with Facebook and therefore, reach more people and be more successful.

After watching the introduction I wanted to know more and dived further into research. I found the Facebook Platform which provides third party website owners with tools to make their sites connect with Facebook.

How to connect one’s websites with Facebook?

The three main components which are presented by the Facebook Platform staff and which are destined to help create a more successful business website are the Graph API, Social Plugins and Open Graph Protocol. (video)

To know more about these tools, I watched several videos on the topic and googled the terms I was interested.

The so – called social graph is the core concept of Facebook which describes essentially the connections of people on Facebook, their interests, likes and so on. The Graph API (application programming interface) serves as a tool to find out what these objects, like photos, events and preferred pages, are.

Basically, every object on Facebook has an ID and the Graph API enables developers and website owners to read and write data to Facebook.

Social Plugins like the Facebook Like, Send and Login Button can be implemented in a company’s website, as well as the possibility to give for example Recommendations via one’s Facebook account

Additionally, the Open Graph Protocol enables a website owner to connect one’s web content with the services of Facebook. For example, when liking things on a website that uses the Open Graph Protocol, e.g. a movie site, it will directly show in one’s Likes and Interests Section of one’s Facebook profile.

All these alteration to one’s webside can be easily made with some knowledge of html programming.

However, even though now, I knew a lot about the techniques, I became aware that the only provider of information I had so far, was Facebook itself.

What do these changes mean to Facebook Users?

To know more about possible problems I googled ‘Facebook Open Graph + problems’ but was not really satisfied with the outcome.

Instead, it came to my mind that probably one of the biggest problem of an application which makes access to data so very easy, was the loss of privacy, so my next query was about the given safety functions.

I learnt through my research that Facebook had problems with privacy and security issues before. Take for example the advertisement systems Beacon, that allowed a data flow between Facebook and external websites to make user specific advertisement possible. However, after a lot of discussion about privacy and a class-action lawsuit, the service was discontinued in September 2009.

Most of the blogs and websites I visited, explained that one could easily set privacy setting in a way that external users could not use information, the Facebook owner is reluctant to share with others.

But of course, one will never know for sure whether one’s personal data is absolutely safe.

However, Facebook Statistics tell us that the possibility to connect one’s website with Facebook is very much appreciated.

To this day more than 2.5 million websites have connected with Facebook and more than 250 million people use these services on external websites.

It appears that these Facebook services are connecting more and more people and their interests and therefore, give website owners a broader audience and probably a resulting profit.

 Tell me, what do you think about Facebook’s supremacy in terms of internet marketing?

7 thoughts on “How Companies Can Use Facebook to Improve Their Websites’ Success

  1. Changyong Yi (299361)
    Nice blog with well organized writing with images.
    “more than 2.5 million websites have connected with Facebook and more than 250 million people use these services on external websites.”

    Yes, Right. by using markup tags (Like ; Dislike) specified in the Open Graph protocol, every website can register in the Facebook system. If Facebook user visits web site and ‘Likes’ the web page, then the company which owns that site has the ability save the information in it’s server. Of course then it is a great marketing tool to handle it’s customer with the information “who like what”.

    By Changyong Yi (299361)

  2. Hi Sophie.
    Great topic! Great article! As you know I totally love o analyze Facebook’s marketing strategies so I am really grateful that you wrote this very interesting article about it. Some facts were new to me such as the Facebook live app – I haven’t heard about this one.
    By the way I love how your article is structured. You use pictures which support your writing, I like how you use colors and links. Awesome!
    Concerning your question: I think Facebook is a really great invention. I just love it because it manages somehow to stay in contact with all my friends from all over the world, to catch up with them and o know what’s going on in their lives. It is an online service which is provided for free to Facebook users, of course this service has to be financed somehow which works via online advertising and marketing. From a user’s perspective I can’ really say that the advertising bothers me in any way. For companies it is a great way to reach out to the online crowd and as I wrote in my article last week, there are several ways how we can benefit from this marketing. All in all Facebook is awesome ;). I am not worried abou Facebook’s supemacy in terms of online marketing.

    kind regards,

  3. Hey Sophie,
    First of all, thats a great topic and very successful blog post.I am also interested in how facebook and other social networks provide lots of opportunuties to business life and of course loss of privacy on them.I wrote something about that on my blog posts too and that is way i started to read yours immediately when i saw the title =) Its an interesting topic because i used to see facebook as just a tool to connect with my friends but know i can see how useful it is to compete in business life for companies. You explained it very well with lots of additional web sites for more information and examples and also mentioned the privacy with reminding that we dont use those opportunities without any risk.

    Well done:)

  4. Hey Sophie!
    This is a really good post! You got me from your first sentence “Facebook is boring…” because I agreed with you but then you said sth. changed your mind so of course I had to read this post. It was worth it. I like the way you write and how you included your links. By the way this helped me to get to know that Randi Zuckerberg is not a brother but a sister of Marc…. Moreover I like your design, using only “facebook colors” was a nice idea.
    So I´m proud to be able to call you my team mate!

  5. Hey Sophie!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Just like Franzi you caught me with your very first sentences, since I thought I’d agree with the citation. But then I was really astonished by all the cool things you brought up. You provided me with a lot of new information about Facebook that I didn`t know about before, for instance about tools like GraphAPI. I also did not know about Facebook live before. Moreover I must say that you have a great style of writing and a structure that is very clear. What I also liked is that you pointed to Sarah`s Blog Post and linked it, that is something i might want to do in my next posts as well.

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  7. hi Sophie,
    Excellent job! you have chosen topics from former writers and deep in it. This gives us a good example that we can be inspired from other writers’ work, as a result, we are encouraged to read others’ blog and learn from each other.
    I like your starting sentence. you use a quotation and instead of following it, you give us an opposite idea that catches readers’ eyes successfully. and then by listing several changes facebook does, you also show us what these changes mean to Facebook Users?A ring buckles a ring. At last, using a question to end your article, you give us more space to think about it.
    Thanks for using the links, colors and pictures inside. All of them make your article lively and vivid.

    Mengmei Wang

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