Podcasts – It´s free, it´s fun, there is one for everyone!

Have you ever heard about podcasts? Do you know what it is?

Before doing some research on that topic I only knew that I could download podcasts for example on iTunes and that even HWR offers them. Anyway, I never used nor cared about podcasts. But when we were supposed to think about our interests in relation to business and IT I suddenly came across podcasts again. That was the point when I became eager to know more about podcasting.

What is a podcast?

The term podcast is actually the mixture of iPod and broadcast. It´s a digital audio or video file, which is released on a regular basis. You can listen to those broadcasts by using your computer, iphone or smartphone. In order to download a podcast you need a software called podcatcher. Let´s imagine you enjoy listening to a particular podcast: then you can subscribe to it and the podcatcher will regularly check if there are new releases. If that is the case it downloads these files automatically on your computer or smartphone which allows you to listen to your favourite podcast whenever and wherever you like to.

Why should I care about podcasts? 

This is what I asked myself after reading some (technical) descriptions of podcasts but then I read some other blogs and I got to know that they are entertaining and convenient.

What´s most striking about podcasts is that you get them for free (even by using iTunes). Mentioning iTunes, this is a platform where everyone is allowed to upload podcasts. Since interests and ideas vary, there are a lot of different podcasts on offer, which allows every single person to choose from a huge range of topics. Nowadays where there are a lot of people podcasting, of course uncommon topics that only appeal to a minority can be found too. Thus everyone will be able to find an interesting podcast. What I also learned from podcast-users is that they enjoy this type of media because podcasts are released periodically, which always keeps them updated and provides them with news.

Moreover podcasts are not only talk. They are informing, entertaining and they can be used as advertising too.

How can business profit from podcasts?

We already learned from Sarah how blogs and facebook can be used for online marketing although this is quite common and profitable they are other ways of promoting your product, like podcasting. As I already mentioned podcasts are for free, thus you as a company can save money. Moreover people get used to reading adverts; but with a podcast, where you speak enthusiastically and shortly to your audience makes people paying attention to it, because it is something new and different. Furthermore, if you are in a service based business you can simplify your website for your clients: instead of letting them read pages you could now offer them a spoken media file which can help them to understand the material. I even read about another idea how to use a podcast inside a company: They suggested that a boss can podcast things, too, like when the next meeting takes places just to make it more personal.

As you can clearly see podcasts have a lot advantages for both individuals and companies. You can listen to music or the news. You can learn a new language. You can listen to them any time you want to. You can use them for free. And even companies can profit by using podcasts.

Therefore I think: Podcasts are free, fun and for everyone!

additional information: Top 5 Podcast by Cristina Cheatwood

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About Franzi

...is a student, who regularly posts for the business application systems course. Over the last couple of weeks I realized that business and IT related topics can be quite intimidating at first, but if you take a closer look, research can be even fun. So enjoy my group´s blog, ´cause my colleagues do a pretty good job,too! ;)

9 thoughts on “Podcasts – It´s free, it´s fun, there is one for everyone!

  1. Wow! Well, that was a great comment. Without a doubt, possibilities on the internet are overwhelming and news come and go by masses. Left me wondering whether there’d be something really interesting to know between all the chitchat, but the topic of podcasting is truly appealing. It can probably be traced back to my mortifying ignorance towards the term (never really got myself into the position of questioning what is behind the word!). Also, it would be nice to know where I can find podcasts on the HWR webpage?
    All in all, I thank you for this enlightenment.

  2. Hey Franzi!

    Good job on the “podpost”! 😉 Like you, I also asked myself the other day what all that podcast talk was about, I had heart about them but didn’t really know what was meant. So thanks for providing me with an answer in such a consice and yet casual way. I especailly noticed the way you matched the purple picture with the writing without making the color stick out too much, good idea! Maybe you could introduce a few more links next time in case the reader wants to find out more about the topic.
    Well done!

  3. Hello! thank you for your very informative blogpost! Usually this kind of IT stuff confuses me and bores me but you made it very simple to understand and it is really useful for people like me! I like how you added your personal comments and suggestions to how one can utilize and capitalize on podcasts! Maybe you can include a recommendation of a particular podcast you like or sth! 🙂 thankkkk you for the awesome read.

  4. Hey good post!

    I have heard of podcasts before but I have never really actually used them. After reading your article, I have the urge to do download some right now to listen!

    We are so busy with schoolwork and other activities, so i think listening to podcasts can actually be a time-saving strategy! We can listen to podcasts on the bus or the train, or even when we are waiting in line for a burger. It is a convenient and fast way to get news too.

    Thanks for this post! 🙂

  5. Hi Franzi!

    I often download podcasts on iTunes, (especially beautiful ones for children like ‘Die Sendung mit der Maus’ or ‘Wissen macht Ah!’ :D) so I know what you’re talking about.
    I really liked, that you used Sarah’s blog as a reference (just like I did in my post) so readers can have the possibility to get more information on the topic.

    I liked, that you gave reasons for why podcasts might simplify a websites content and therefore, create more profit for a company!

    Looking forward to your next blogpost!


  6. Hi Franzi,

    we all heard about podcasts (even Angela Merkel publishes some!) but I have to admit that I never bothered to go deeper into the topic… but after reading your post, I see that I may have missed some interesting things! I wasn’t aware of the fact, that you can get all of them for FREE, that’s amazing.
    Your idea of the informative podcast made by my boss is very sweet and like you, I think that would add a lot of personal touch.

    Now, would you please excuse me, I have to see the HWR podcasts 😀

  7. Hey Franzi,
    I used podcasts some time ago when my English teacher in school told us to use them in order to prepare for an oral exam. But after that I didn’t think about it anymore, so thanks to you that you brought up the topic! Just like Gesine I didn’t know that you can get them all for free! That’s really cool. Also the fact that they deal with many different topics and that you can get them so easily are good reasons for me to start using them again. Thanks a lot!

  8. Dear Franzi!
    Thanks for explaining this topic to us. I guess everybody heart of it, but I never knew what it is. I totally agree with you, they are a great invention and I will inform myself more about them now, to get all these advantages. Maybe you can also go deeper into the subject in your next post, I would definitely appreciate to learn more about it.
    It is also interesting that you considered the advantages for companies! Well done and very interesting!

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