What happened to ORANGE PEELS?

Hey, gus! Every one knows a sole proprietorship – OOOP (Oranienburger Str. Orange Peel People) with “Mrs. Rövenstrunck as the sole owner”. And who was unlucky and missed the chance to get acquainted with this wonderful Company – don’t worry! – I am here to mention: “OOPP was the business of buying and selling dried orange peels” during the 1st Semester.

As we knew, Mrs. Rövenstrunck used to obtain her orange peels from Northern Fruit Wholesales (NFW), but her business was not doing so great and although Mrs. Rövenstrunck did introduce a new business line – orange peels with a slightly more yellowish look – the expectations were not that high. With 225 orange peels left in inventory, Mrs. Rövenstrunck took a decision to shut down OOOP business and open a …  Dental Clinic!!Being the sole operator at OOOP, Mrs. Rövenstrunck had a great experience behind and it was not new for her to open a new Business.

But! One morning, … old friend Mrs. Papadova called Mrs. Rövenstrunck to announce that she had found the old business card from OOOP which was the most boring and worse business card she|d ever seen. Suddenly, Mrs. Rövenstrunck realized that her old marketing department was lazy and not thinking twice, Mrs. Rövenstrunck  decided to hire Mrs. Papadova to solve this problem.

Mrs. Papadova worked the last year in Azerbaijan (or Turkey??) and hat Mrs. Rövenstrunck  ewig nicht gesehen, so they made an appointment to meet at cafe Oberholz. Mrs. Papadova came 15 minutes later and because Mrs. Rövenstrunck had a next Termin in 20 minutes, Mrs. Papadova started right away with the introducing of http://us.moo.com/ web site.

She claimed that the web site is demanded and popular in the marketing world, for it makes people smile and inspires to work and create. On the web site they found that they can choose between:  Business cards, MiniCards, Postcards, Greeting cards, Stickers and so on…
It is possible to use either the basic given MOO backgrounds of cards or create your own. Mrs. Rövenstrunck is thinking about to make her Business cards unique and it is easy for she can makes an order too. MOO designs are bright and colourful, but Mrs. Papadova suggests choosing a card by categories:She also submits a trial version of the card to Mrs. Rövenstrunck´s attention, which as long as I remember, looked like that:

Although coffee was already cold, Mrs. Rövenstrunck was happy! She chose a type of paper and ordered 200 numbers of cards Mrs. Papadova did for her. She recorded the transaction as a A/P and left the café for the next meeting.

If you want to know What kind of paper type had Mrs. Rövenstrunck chosen, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLI_MtZpjXM

9 thoughts on “What happened to ORANGE PEELS?

  1. Hey Marina,
    cool idea to continue the story of the accounting class! I guess one had to be attenting the financial accounting course of the first semester to get the idea. Very creative! 🙂

  2. Hi Marina!
    That is such a great idea to continue the story of Mrs. Rövenstruncks Orange Peel Company =) I had so much fun reading your post especially because you tried out a completely new style of writing using this kind of storytelling! At the beginning I couldn’t imagine at all where this story would lead, but I simply HAD to read it as already the title made me soooo curious!!!
    Unfortunately I couldn’t open the link at the end, but I would really like to know what the business cards now look like… Maybe you can post the link again?!
    But you made a really good point and I think Mr. Westphal would be proud of you =D

    • thanks, I was laughing too when i was typing the story)
      The link is not about the type of paper Mrs. Rövenstruncks chose. it is a video. I will check it again….

  3. Waaaaaa!!!!
    What a GREAT idea!!!
    I loved how Mr. Westphal used these funny stories to make us enjoy boring accounting, but the idea to use Mrs. Rövenstrunck (Sonja, you’re not only an orange peel vendor, but also a dentist! I didn’t know!! :D) to explain to us how we can make our own business cards is pure genius!

    I bow to you.. 😀


  4. Hahahaha!! Well done! You definitely knew who your target group was. Just as Jessy, I had no clue where the story would lead and the way you developed it kept me curious on what your point would be at the end. A clever way of linking fun with accounting and business! Dobrij, dobrij!

    • I think the funny thing is the next: “She recorded the transaction as a A/P and left the café for the next meeting.”

  5. All my accounting heroes in one story; a dream comes true! Going through your post is like reading a novel rather than reading a normal blog entry. And I even learned that Mrs. Rövenstrunck runs a dental surgery in Nauener Straße, Falkensee. Used to know that place before only as the street where the veterinary of our cats is located..
    Let me tell you from adult to adult: really nice work 😉

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