Do I need Facebook and Twitter?

When I first read Sarah’s blog–“THE BIG BLOG BUSINESS”, Twitter comes to my mind. Since online blogs have become significant in recent years, a new kind called twitter, which is more convenient, appears. So I go to Google Blog Search to see the development of the two. Surprisingly, many articles about comparison between Facebook and Twitter turned up.

Just as Sophie and Sarah also wrote about facebook before, I think so many people are interested in topics like that, let alone the comparison between them. Therefore, I just write to see the necessity to use them.

Do I need both Facebook and Twitter?

In 2010, Facebook has 500 million users while Twitter has just 106 million ones. As communication tools, they both have their pros and cons.

  Twitter vs. Facebook marketing: Taking advantage of new media!

Facebook–Pyramid building

For the most part, Facebook has established itself as the place to connect and reconnect with friends and family. While it is possible to have an “open” profile that allows strangers to find you, Facebook users are looking for people and products they already know. Your challenge is to make your repeat customers and clients return to your page again and again and subsequently refer others to do the same.

Facebook is a great tool for pyramid building. You can use your trusted member base to reach out to their extended friends and family. Its recent changes now also allow you to “be” your business profile and go in and interact with your client’s Facebook wall, leave posts and request friendships. This recent leap forward updated Facebook’s status from important to vital.

Twitter—Hype Building

On the other hand, Twitter is a great way to engage with a much wider audience without having to reach out in a pyramid-like way to get a following and keep up with them. Twitter users may initially connect with those they know “in real life”. The format is much more open to find people and products through shared preferences. Through Twitter’s 140 characters you’re forced to keep your message short and sweet.

In recent discussion, I also find an interesting comparison of user behaviours on Facebook and Twitter. Beside is just a part of it.

In my point of view, I think the major concerns of them are different. Facebook is all about sharing with friends. Everything about Facebook is oriented around replicating the real-world social graph. In contrast, Twitter is all about shared interest. Unlike Facebook, the Twitter social graph is not rooted in real-world relationships but rather in real-world interests.

Therefore, perhaps one is not better than the other. All you should consider is what your target audience is. Facebook will serve you the best for promoting small businesses as you can share the videos and pictures, create events and invite others and also can participate in voting too. While Twitter provides you a faster and easier way to share thoughtful, informative and relevant contents with others.

Until now, do you get clear about the question I asked in title? Of course, you can use both of them if you like~

2 thoughts on “Do I need Facebook and Twitter?

  1. Hi,
    Most of people are interested in this topic as you said. It includes me too:) First of all, it was interesting and a new perspective about facebook and twitter for me, because i hadnt compare them before.I dont use twitter but i know that a lot of people see both of them in the same way and try to use them for the same reason. Well, they are wrong.
    You explained the differences between them clearly and you were absolutely right in your conclusion; “we can use both of them of course ,but we should know our audience”.People share their photos, videos, personal knowledges, thoughts, comments and so on. Therefore, it is important to think first ” Why do i need to use this?” and its possible to get the right answer after getting more information about the differences between social networks.
    Well done 🙂
    (I would like to add a web site which is really interesting about facebook and twitter and hope you like it ;”” )

  2. Hi,
    I have to say that you chose very interesting topic. I guess you got all youth as your target group 😉
    To be hornest, I absolutely don’t use Twitter. I even don’t know how it looks like 🙂 That’s why it was interesting for me to read your article and to get to know that twitter has huge potential and that probably i miss something.
    I checked the internet on this topic and this is what I found:
    I think this link is pretty interesting because there is a lot of information about comparison between twitter and Facebook.
    Anyway, well done!

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