May The Marketing Force Be With You: The Extraordinary Advertisement Possibilities On YouTube

To write, or not to write

Reading recent posts like  ‘Procrastination is the thief of time…?’ and ‘To be, or not to be.’ by NerdyLaura I was relieved that I am not the only one facing the huge problem of being an procrastinator.

The first time I came into contact with the term ‘procrastination’ was when I was in 8th grade. My English teacher was a fervid The Simpsons addict and she explained to us the meaning of the word ‘procrastination’ and told us that The Simpson’s moody Jewish Clown Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski’s stage name ‘Krusty the Clown’ was an allusion to the term procrastination.

Now, me being a great procrastinator the only logical choice was to search for ‘Krusty the Clown’ Clips on YouTube. (^^°)

And me being me, I decided that French homework could wait and I urgently needed to check out my favourite YouTube Make Up Gurus Pixiwoo.

(And if you’re not into make-up, don’t worry, their British accent is worth listening to.)

I clicked on the newest video and LIKE ALWAYS I had to sit through a commercial praising a new mascara which is apparently not only able to colour your lashes but can also give you the effect of wearing false lashes, whilst being waterproof.

I was intrigued.

Is YouTube Marketing comparable to Facebook Marketing?

Not because I was interested in the product itself, but because I recognized that not only Facebook benefits from its users’ interests and connections to improve marketing, but YouTube forces the audience to sit through commercials before they can even have a look at the video’s content.

So not only had I successfully avoided to do my French homeworks, but I also had found an interesting topic, concerning Business and IT!

In the name of science (or on the name of Business Application Systems, which is probably more appropriate) I searched for videos and commercials alike.

My first step on my quest to discover YouTube’s advertisement policy was to learn more about YouTube itself.

What I did not know was, that YouTube was bought by Google Inc. for ca. $ 1.5 billion in shares, in November 2006.

However, I learnt that YouTube has several forms of marketing.

One of their major marketing advantage is that they have a lot of so- called partnership deals with huge enterprises like Fox Searchlight, Time Magazine, Universal Music and tons of others.

There are brand channels (see an example of Sony Ericsson’s brand channel), videos where the user can be involved via little annotations and links in the video (example video), videos which are being promoted,  or videos which will become viral in no time and where you don’t know in the beginning what product is actually being advertised.

See one of the best commercials ever for yourself:

The YouTube Partner-Programme

Also, YouTube has the so called Partner-Programme. With this program, successful users (meaning channels which have regularly updates and an audience which is big enough for the advertisement to be successful) can apply to become partners in this program in order to give advertisement mediums the possible to show ads while the user’s video is streaming.

With the Video Targeting Tool YouTube is searching for partners that have topics which coincide with the advertiser’s product range.

Therefore, I could watch mascara commercials at a make-up channel, but O2 mobile phone adds at HowCast’s   How to Create Delicious Dishes out of Easter Leftovers , even though the last one is probably not that fitting.

Of course, there are different ways to place one’s advertisement into a video, for example the banners that are shown while the video is playing or the commercial which will be played before the video has even started.

You can check out the different possibilities yourself! 😀

Now, to make advertising on YouTube even more desirable, one can use YouTube Insight to know more about how much people have watched the commercial and additionally what country they are from.

From an advertiser’s point of view these marketing possibilities are clearly a wet dream. Not only have they made sure that people watch their ads, but instead of having an advertisement on paper where one needs to search for further information on one’s own, with YouTube and the connection to the company’s own websites, this is not needed.

Also, the YouTube users who are in the Partner-Programme profit from these commercials. Check out the success story of Michelle Phan.

Of course, we poor ordinary watchers have no say in the matter. I personally do not care about the commercial, because I just click close. And YouTube does not use give us commercial but also interesting political and economical news for example like the weekly update by President Obama and The White House.

Also, advertisements are everywhere, so maybe this is the price to pay for entertainment?

Let me know what you think!

PS: I would never have guessed that I would use The Simpsons to explain YouTube’s marketing strategy…J)

For further information on internet marketing, check out my post about Facebook.

4 thoughts on “May The Marketing Force Be With You: The Extraordinary Advertisement Possibilities On YouTube

  1. let me start with the commercial advertisement of Volkswagen! I watched it twice and it so amazing!) just …reminds me some sweet moments…))

    Sophie, thank you very much for this article, you start with Procrastination and it made me be involved in reading, for I also suffer from Procrastination)

    About one of your questions, whether YouTube Marketing is comparable to Facebook Marketing, well, for me it is not the same… I personally think that in facebook people are distracted with ads more than in youtube. Few people check their facebooks just to write and answer to messages, facebook itself is an entertainment with lots of ads not related to your preferences. Whereas on youtube one deliberatly is searching for smth and can find the ads or videos with the same idea. May be the money they make via Fb and Youtube is comparable… i dont know))

    I learned about Video Targeting Tool and YouTube Insight from your article for I have never been that interested in youtube, but now … hm…. it is more than clear that Youtube isn’t just about videos))

    Great job!!

    P.S. very professional!

  2. Excellent choice of topic! Presentation is quite fine. Your opinions are good, too! Maybe the next thing to do would be to find out what the professionals say about this topic (maybe finding that you think like the pros, or maybe not; in any event, looking for the professional debate might help you prepare for it!). So I looked up “analyze Youtube Facebook Marketing” and found, for example,, where I found not only all sorts of tips, but also a link to some detailed statistics on Facebook’s demographics. Cool! Then I found a cost/benefit analysis on Then a fine New York Times discussion on the topic, That is, you might learn how the web offers you all sorts of relevant research that would complement, support, and maybe even deepen or even challenge your otherwise excellent opinions! Good Luck! Dr.B!

  3. Sophie!
    I just want to say: thx for including that nice Volkswagen commercial! Every time I see it, it makes me smile! 🙂

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