Fat Tax. Seriously ??

Arizona. Almost a quarter of the residents are categorized as obese. 50 $. Fine. Arizona. And you are not lucky if you are fat.

Was the implementation of fat tax fair?

Frankly speaking, I haven’t heard about this tax before today. I was reading some news and came across an article about Fat Tax in Arizona, which caught my attention immediately. Under Health program a fee was imposed in Arizona for those people who smoke, have diabetes, overweight and do not follow a doctor’s recommendation.                                                                                                                            The new law increased the cigarette tax as well.

Such approach should reduce the number of smokers and change the unhealthy lifestyle, as well as contribute doctors to talk to their patients about the particular reasons of obesity they have.

But these are not the all intentions. And may be … they are not that important and prime. The Health Program called Medicaid assists the poor and costs the US a lot of money: $339bn a year. And it is true to claim that the fat tax was created as a step towards saving the state money.                                                                                                         “Arizona would be the first state, federal health care program for poor people that would charge fees for unhealthy lifestyles” (check here) Quatsch! How poor people can afford to buy Bio or healthy food if they do not have funds for that and if they may be do not know WHAT to buy.

But come back to the issue, Fat tax is somehow unfair because it is almost impossible to be sure whether the patient have followed to the  prescribed diet or not, moreover it is the intrusion in one’s own food preferences and a question of privacy. No?  I can not say whether the idea is too bad either, for both obese people and state suffer from this problem. And if your friend tells you to stick to the diet –  you can ignore that. If there is a fine for not adhere to the tax – then may be you change your mind and be more motivated.

 What do you think ??

One thought on “Fat Tax. Seriously ??

  1. I am not sure if a fat tax would be the right way to motivate people to lose weight. In some way I would consider that as discrimination. What comes next people who got a beard have to pay taxes? ( like in Russia during the 17th century; if you don’t believe me check it out by yourself http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartsteuer) ? Who gives them the right to discriminate people ?
    I think it would be quite unfair. Obesity could be rather regarded as an issue with which health insurance companies could deal . They could find a way how to motivate people to lose weight ( like they do it in Germany: provide financial aid or a so called Gesundheitsprämie).
    Best regards, Sarah

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