Tomo… was? Tomography.

Last  week, I visited Mrs. Rövenstrunck’s  Dental Clinic “Smile”. And it made me to write about the new technology I saw in her Dental Clinic… Do you remember the time you were said to pull a wisdom tooth out? Did you remove it? OMG, it scares me to death for I have to pull all four! …

Why the wisdom tooth can not get along with the rest teeth and find an extra place in a mouth?  Do you want to get acquainted with your wisdom teeth closer? You can do that either at “Smile” Dental Clinic or by watching the next: …

Looks very strange? But interesting too! The video is accompanied by X-ray Computed Tomography – a very pleasant invention of human beings. This is not the simple X-ray, but  Computed  Tomography 3D.

Tomo… Was?

I felt being confused to ask Mrs. Rövenstrunck directly what Tomography is for she claimed this is widely used technology. So I came home and typed the word in Google. Basically, tomography is a medical imaging with digital geometry that process three-dimensional image of the internals of an object  and  is depicted in rotation. The word ‘tomography’ is not new but is derived from the Greek tomos (slice) and graphein (to write).

Did you know that Tomography 3D is applied for the last years in different areas of industry and is considered to be a new invention in the mankind history??

Tomography. Not X-ray!

So, coming back to Mrs. Rövenstrunck…. I agreed to pull my tooth out, but Mrs. Rövenstrunck said we must scan the tooth via  Tomography. Eh?? May be X-ray??

Difference? I want to know the difference. Is the 3D Tomogrpahy something really unique that can be used not only in medicine? Where else? What makes it special and differ from X-ray? I wont bother you with the explanation how X-ray and Tomography works for I did not remember all details Mrs. Rövenstrunck  told me that day. Instead, I would like to show you this:

You can see from the picture that X-ray produces only a conic beam, then a digital signal is interpreted by the 2D detector. Finally, the image of the set object is acquired during the rotation at a constant step and here you are – Computed Tomography software provides 3D volume results.

X- ray is not 3D Tomography. But how to distinguish 2D from 3D? Here is the next picture:This basically says you can see inside whatever you want via Tomography 3D. I was impressed but not still convinced that Tomography 3D is that widely used. Where?

Checking some web sites I found out that lots of industries apply this technology, such as:

You can scan an electrical connector   or electrolytic capacitor, slice a pepper or  see how radio waves work. Tomography 3D easily scan a 150 million year old Goniopholis skull  or help you to understand Honeycomb Structure.

What I found totally crazy is that you can sign for the Tomography 3D classes and study that! It is expensive, but the idea itself is so great, that I can imagine that maybe one day it would be available for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Tomo… was? Tomography.

  1. Marina, your post is very intreseting! It’s not difficult for understanding, and I think that people have to know more about that. I like your video and pictures. They make information more interesting! I realy like this direction in technology, and I find somthing new about that! I hope you will develop that more in future!

  2. Hi Marina!
    First: Do they really have to pull out all your four wisdom teeth? If so, don´t worry, it´s not that bad ´cause there are pretty good drugs out there… 😉
    Second: I liked that you put a lot of questions, since it simplyfies reading your text and following your thoughts. The video and the pictures you used match your text perfectly. Moreover I liked the way you compared 2D and 3D. All in all it was a very interesting topic you chose and you explained it very good. 🙂

    • no, I didn’t remove it yet… but in the imaginative Clinic “Smile”, I guess…. i did) And thank you for the comment)

  3. Wow 3D Xray…

    what a great news that now I can see my carbon made bone with 3D view. (cuz I got hollow bones – I eat a lot but still I can fly and jump like a butterfly… haha just kidding… but you might think so when you watch my video hehe)

    Good blog.

  4. Thank you for informing about that topic. I did not know a lot about Tomography, just roughly what it is. Good that you used so many images and a video so the whole thing becomes more descriptive and more illustrative. Your post is very easy to read and understand. Well done!

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