Here comes a summer sun !

Right now I am sitting in a garden, my back plunges into a wicker chair and the wind blows my hair away. June promises a hot summer.

My laptop makes my knees a little bit warm and the battery is nearing to 15%. Do you happen to have this feeling? You know, you survey Internet, chat, or watch videos, whatever, and then – out of the blue – your battery on its low percentage. You keep on using a laptop for the next 5 minutes, but because of some previous experience (may be your laptop shuts down one day and does not save all information?) it finally makes you stand up and fetch a charging.   Funny though, technology made our life easier when PC started to be available for everyone and we were happy, but as it has turned out … laptops depend on charging and charging depends on the energy.  The same with any electrical devices.

But coming back to the garden…  I really need some power source. Definitely, I would use Samsung’s solar powered laptop, or at least the one they soon release…

I’d call it as a great innovative idea that works for two main reasons: either you are sitting in the garden and aren’t willing to go home or you are in the place where electricity is hard to access, like in some regions in Africa.

The future notebook was firstly introduced on one Kenya web site, which is going under model NC215S is made for parts of Africa where electricity is limited or not available at all.  That must be very useful for those people who live in rural areas and here what I found on one forum, where Jayden Chand writes about Samsung NC215S : ” Little information has filtered through to the moment the Samsung Netbook NC215S but we still know that the purpose of this computer and its main asset is the ability to operate in an environment where electricity is unavailable or intermittent. In Africa, many areas have little or no access to electricity and fact based devices in this way are unlikely to penetrate the market, especially as the incomes are low. But thanks to Samsung NC215S, electricity is not as necessary as it allows solar energy to operate Netbook, a free resource and generally abundant in Africa.”

Imagine that… people  simply leave and /or use their laptops on the Sun and in order to charge it. Sound like a Sun revolution…

 Hold on!!! I do have Festnetz as well as washing machine, TV, hairdryer, microwave and coffee machine…and they’re all good products. Sure, Samsung (or Apple?) could conquer a large market slice beyond laptops. No need to be African to wish those products with solar power source. Moreover it does save money and here I found one interesting post about the effectiveness of the solar power technology. The author puts it up:using this energy will save you a lot of money, you can slash you power bill by us much as 80% even 100% depending on the extent of your solar installation. You can then sell excess energy you are no longer drawing from the grid back to your power company”

Wow, you can save money and make money!

Wie gesagt, the magic Samsung NC215S is not yet available on the market, but you can easy try a solar charger and plug it into your laptop. Like this one:

Another hot idea I found in web – A solar powered keyboard by Logitech – was posted by Ovidiu Sandru. “Not only it will announce you through a special software that it needs recharging, the innovative keyboard also saves precious power …” (click here to read more)

It pleases me every time I am doing any kind of research to read comments people leave for it shows the demand for any kind of market. Click on the picture from the right to read what 8 random people think about solar laptops.

From one of such comments, I discover One Laptop per child organization,  which has a great-designed , very professional and interesting web site.  May be you have heard about this organization, which works on providing laptops to each child in developing countries, so “children are engaged in their own education, and learn, share, and create together”.

But did you know,  that those kids already use solar powered laptops? New generation is – as usual – ahead…

3 thoughts on “Here comes a summer sun !

  1. Hi Marina,

    Thank you for this great article. I especially like your introduction; it made me very curious how the post would continue and what it is about. I know this situation well; you bring a technical device to a trip and unfortunately you realize that you forgot your charger at home. Solar powered technical devices are a great solution for that problem. I think a solar powered laptop is a wonderful idea; I hope that other companies like Apple, Acer or Siemens will follow soon. It would be great if there would be inventions like solar powered cell phones or portable music players as well.
    I like using gadgets with have solar cells, they are not only very convenient; they are environment-friendly as well.
    More than 2 years ago Samsung came out with the world’s first solar powered cell phone:
    Here you can read more about it:

    The only problem I see is; often of times it is hard to work with a laptop outside when the sun is shining. Solar cells have to very strong to generate energy from the light which is available inside or in areas where the sun light is not as strong.

    Thanks a lot.
    I am looking forward to reading more.

    Best regards

    • Wow! May be I have been sleeping for the last 2 years, but I didn’t know about Cell phone with solar batteries!
      Hm…) Thanks , Sarah! Great))

      Concerning the sun… well, here is the difference btw the coming laptops and the cell phone. From your link, I found next: “Of course, this depends on how sunny it is. According to Samsung, the above estimate was based on 80,000 lux of sunlight (an average sunny day) with the phone turned off and sucking up rays.” This also explains why the cell phone is cheap.

      The coming soon laptops are supposed to be not that sensitive to the sun,so it would be unnecessary to leave the laptop directly under the sun and moreover you can work with it INSIDE a room!!!!

      We will see how they make it…)))

  2. Hey,
    it is perfect blog that I ever read, so actual and interesting topic with the good structure. I do really interested in buying such a A-solar generator. But the question: how much does it cost? Wat about in winter, when there is no sun, or does it work with fireplace?
    Thank you

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