Group Purchasing

Do you have a feeling of always thinking that the price of all products is higher than you expected, when you are doing some shopping?

Nowadays, people are willing to try to find ways to do cheaper purchasing. Time changes, so do social trends. And just in time, a new purchasing style, group purchasing appears.

     So what is group purchasing?

Group purchasing is a process that allows several individuals or businesses to come together for the purpose of purchasing various types of goods and services at discounted rates. In fact, group-buying has already grown to be fairly well known in the past year.

Here is the Original Concept via Spreets:

People like group purchasing. With more and more buyers join this group, this type of consuming become a popular trend. When
I first hear the words “group purchase”, I am so curious about it, wondering why group purchasing is so common?

Firstly, being economical group purchase can make it achievable for customers to acquire products with a fairly very low cost. Secondly, save worries. The products which are supplied for clients are cautiously selected with brand names. Just before cooperating with the manufactures, team purchase sites have previously signed a formal supplier agreement. Thus of it, the quality of items additionally, the service furnished by the manufactures are assured. Thirdly, saving Labor via group-buying, consumers needn’t run about to buy the things they want. Via the Internet, customers can purchase high end itemsinside your home. What is more, the purchasing expertise shared by other users is really valuable. By way of collecting possible clients and placing large orders to manufactures, team purchase adjustments the position which consumers play throughout the process of buying items. Consumers now have a lot more choices and rights, and their weak placement throughout the method of trading continues to be changed. Consumers start to take an initiative placement little by little.

Recently, group purchase is pretty hot, especially on the Internet. But does all this popularity really give great deals to customers, as well as businesses? Taking part in group purchasing can effectively reduce consumers’ transaction cost, as a consequence of ensuring quality and service, you can get reasonable low price. Through group purchasing on the Internet, we can change passive and disperse purchase to active bulk buying, thus to buy a same quality product, you can enjoy lower price and better service. And also, it can thoroughly change traditional consuming behaviour, which is because market is not transparent and information is not symmetrical, then to cause consumers to be in weak situation.

And for the merchant, they can use this new type to attract more consumers to buy their products. If we can buy things cheaper and easier in this way, why not try it? Thinking of it, many people will try this style of consuming instead of going shopping in the mall. So the merchant can take advantage of this kind of psychological to do the advertisement. Also, selling in this way online, they can save money of opening stores.

Now it seems like every second website is offering group buying deals from Groupon in US, to Jump on it/ Living Social and Spreets in Australia. Now, if you want to buy silk scarves for yourself or your friends as a gift, you can go to inetsilk. They will give you better
quality and service with silk scarves wholesale price, and just buy it with more than two people, you can get this concession. What are you waiting for?

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