Google’s New Search, Nice try!

Google adds voice search, search-by-image to desktop, hearing this news, I was so curious about what people’s reaction to it. Thinking of it, I find some people’s blogs that interest me most.

If you read Sarah Perez’s blog called “Google Launches New Search Features: Voice, Images, Instant Pages & More”, you will know what’s going on with this new search features very clearly. As she made a clear comparison between the old and new features, you’ll find the advantages of the updated ones. Listing the several features in a good way, Sarah Perez addes a label like “new” or “old ” at the end of each one to clarify their features.

Later today, Google will be rolling out the ability, across Chrome, to search using images and voice. Search by image started with mobile phones, using Google Goggles. Users were able to take photos using their smartphone and perform basic Google searches. Now, you can upload images and, basically, ask Google to figure out what the image is, or where it can be found.

I’m interested to see how the ability to search by images will affect search. How will we target images? How will we negate irrelevant images? Google assumes search by image will work best for images that are well documented.  As an example, Google reps stated that famous buildings would likely do well.  Images that aren’t ‘well known’ probably won’t work as well, at first. This makes me think that image search will be better utilized when looking for widely known places and products, which may mean a slow take off. Those types of things are already pretty easy to find. Google noted, in regard to privacy, images will be treated with the same privacy constraint as other queries.

And in the “Young Innovators @ Google – Manas Tungare”, a new blog series highlighting the great work of Googlers who, not too long ago, were students like you, they even made a conversation with Manas Tungare, a software engineer at Google, who recently helped launched Voice Search for desktop. What a good idea of writing posts in this way! From Jessica Safir’s post, you can see Google, even the search features in a quite new way. In a software engineer’s eyes, you will see that Googlers are encouraged to come up with ideas outside their area of work, and build prototypes or demos to sell the idea to management. That is the way that Google improves itself. And because of it, we can have more and more better software from Google, as Google is known for — minimalism, speed, and simplicity.

Now people can search by voice on their desktops. Using the built-in laptop microphone, Googlers performed a number of searches just by speaking. Not only is speaking faster than typing the search for many people, it also helps you search for things that you aren’t sure how to spell.

Google launches mobile icons, image and voice search on desktop? Nice try! And if you are interested in it also, you can try it on your own computers now!

One thought on “Google’s New Search, Nice try!

  1. Wow, thank you for this new insight!

    Your post about Google’s new search is so important for us considering the intense use of such service in our daily life. I haven’t even known about the change Google is going through. I think you did very well in offering several opinions and great videos. You therefore managed to offer such a wide range on information concerning your topic. I might even think about downloading the new version of Chrome myself.
    So while I was looking for more information, I found this amazing article by that mentions a new social recommendation service along those experimental services you offered in first place. The new service is called +1 and helps to recommend and judge things you have found on the internet. Furthermore, you have the chance to share it with friends and the public. That kind of reminds me of YouTube! So if you are interested in reading this article, just follow the link 🙂

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