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It is easier than ever before to keep in head a name of any web site.  In fact, any web site, like, can not DIE in our heads: (Disappear- Invalidate – Escape).  We can not forget something that we have never learnt.

Indeed, it makes sense to use surname/name as an Internet domain , which could be considered as a critical step to let other people know who you are and what your name is associated with,. .. unless you are famous and rich…
Hollywood stars usually have a domain starting with their names, like, or These and many others are desired targets of cybersquattring – registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark (Cybersquatting: What It Is… )

How does the world of cybersquatting look like?

The practice of registering a domain originates in the business of celebrities and famous people, where cybersquatting  ends up  surprisingly in different ways. The question of stealing a name rises.

Case 1:  One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four….
Here what happened with a movie star Scarlett Johansson. After release just another film of hers,   an online fraud started a contest offering a prize: in a “threesome” with two winners.  The unknown online user created a web site –  where fans could claim why they should win and leave e-mails. The web site was fake and unofficial,  created basically for gathering E-mails. Although the facts were clear,  no records existed how it ended up.
In fact, the actress has no official web site, but a page on MySpace and, which is an unofficial fan club.

Case 2: A golden fish.
While Scarlett did not achieve a victory over the fraud, some people like a football star Wayne Rooney coin money from dust, if I can put it in English. I read the next article and felt really sorry for a Welsh actor Huw Marshall, who registered a web site with a domain and about 10 years ago. When Wayne joined Manchester United  his agent asked Huw Marshall to buy one of the domains, but the request was soon forgotten by the  same agent. Some years later Marshall  received an official document with the petition of £6,000. Although H. Marshall did not generate any profit out of both domains, it was claimed that the web sites could have served as a fan web-site.

Case 3: First come, first served
In the mentioned above cases,it is obviously that one can either win the process or loose it, but then I found one interesting article – The continued curse of cybersquatting , which says about rebranding Pizza Hut into Pasta Hut. The company “… committed around £100m to the project, which is likely to run for several years. Sadly, however, that £100 million budget clearly didn’t include a few quid to go and register the domain for the new brand name, and it took roughly a few minutes for cybersquatters to put their flag in the sand instead.As such, at the time of writing, the domains for,, and are not in the firm’s hands, rather those of individuals who were considerably quicker off the mark. Given the amount of planning that must have gone into the £100 million Pasta Hut campaign, this is quite an oversight.”  And if in the case Rooney Wayne had unregistered trademark rights to the name before the domain was registered, Pizza Huts had not. Nothing can be done, unless the company offers a good price for the existed domain and buys it. First come, first serv

How to recognize Cybersquatting?
1. Type the domain and see where does it bring you.
If the domain does not exist, but “take you to a functioning website, but instead takes you to a site stating “this domain name for sale,” or “under construction,” or “can’t find server,” the likelihood increases that you are dealing with a cybersquatter” . If the web site exists ,   but the products or services differs from what you offer, this is not cybersquatting an you may have a case of trademark infringement. (For more information, see article What to Do If the Domain Name You Want Is Taken and Cybersquatting: What It Is and What Can Be Done About It )
2.Contact the domain registrant
Use “WHOIS Lookup” at  for checking and comparing the available domain names, addresses and prices. This step is very important.  Check this video, about a girl who did cybersquatte and …”now the lawyers are angry”

TO buy a domain name is easier and faster than filing a lawsuit.(For the procedures, read the article Cybersquatting: What It Is and What Can Be Done About It)

Anything more? Cybersquatting is wrongly to be considered only a dealing with domain names:registering,  selling and using. I found one interesting article of Paul Sawers who is UK Editor at The Next Web. In his work, “Welcome to the world of cybersquatting”, Paul Sawers discussed Typosquatting as a popular means for spamming a brand, goods or even companies. Typosquatting is “the act involves people registering domain names that are similar to real domain names, but are different by a letter or two. They are designed to capitalize on Internet users hitting the wrong key on their keyboard.  Back in 2005, Google won the rights to, and, sites that had been set up by a Russian man to spread malware on users’ machines.” One can see that inside cybersquatting, there is a spam typosquatting, which confuses the users with names and spread viruses.

In my opinion, the world of cybersquatting looks pretty similar to business world, where everyone tries to make profits by any means, the only thing is that in web it is more visible. I think , that companies must be more active and not proactive while setting as well as working further with a domain name. It is not only a question of stealing a name, but also that the name can disappear away.

How do you think?
Our School has a web site, and, suppose, there is a large furniture company in Berlin, which wants to register a domain name as  Is it cybersquatting? What should the company do to get the domain name?

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Twitter files cybersquatting complaint against

4 thoughts on “ or play of words

  1. Excellent, Marina!
    I very much enjoy and learn from the discussion of technology and can’t think of a better way to introduce people to the use of
    See also:
    I’m also not sure that “We can not forget something that we have never learnt.” makes sense: your point here is that you have learned this domain name and will never forget it?

    • ….. no, I meant that web sites start with names and surnames are easy to remember , that is why we can not forget , for example, , because this is Your name. We do not have to write the domain down or memorize it.
      Here it is, smth what we did not learn we can not forget))))

  2. hahaha. that is really lovely blog post.
    put the prof’s web site as an example…. how brilliant it is…

    Our School has a web site, and, suppose, there is a large furniture company in Berlin, which wants to register a domain name as Is it cybersquatting? What should the company do to get the domain name?

    just need to pay certain amount of money to open up the certain domain name.
    Isn’t it?
    anyway love you marina… you are sooooooooo sweet…

  3. no. Chang. You the furniture company must prove that it uses the web site the contain of which is totally different from Hochschule and only in this case it will be granted the domain name.

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