Why Text, When You Can Send Voice SMS?

      ( Yesterday my friends sent an email to me. When I downloaded it and went to see, it appeared a lovely dog saying words to me. What a lovely image and a cute voice! So I just immediately went to the Internet to see what it is. )

        Talkbox! Free Voice Messenger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

     “Only God Can Judge Me Talkbox Tribute”!

     Me? Who?

     A free application which allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users to send Voice Instant Messages to your friends and family. I make you send voice messages to each other for free! And all your friends will get your voice message and a Google Map with your location right now!

Here are my features below:

  • Push-to-talk instant voice messaging

    I would be useful when you are driving, holding baby, etc. Just talk the message and get your emotions delivered instantly. No more typing hassle, no more uploading and downloading voice notes. You can just hold the talk button down and record up to 60 seconds of voice.

  • Group Conversation

       You can talk among multiple friends, and invite new friends into a chat anytime, just tapping the group member button (in conversation view) and you will notice a “+” sign next to those people not in your contact list.

  • Location Sharing

     Sending your location to your friend directly becomes possible within me. You can tag your message with a geo-location link so the recipient can see where you are when leaving messages.

  • Facebook connection

     You can also sync your friends in from Facebook. If they have Talkbox installed and connected to their Facebook account they will appear in your Talkbox friends list and soon you’ll be able to update your Facebook profile with a voice status instead of the typical text one. All your Facebook friends who has joined TalkBox will be automatically available for chatting. Post your voice to Facebook, Twitter and make broadcast to all your friends.


  • Push Notification to let you know any incoming messages anytime
  • Conversation History


      Certainly, I will say that I am much better than the ordinary message. Being called “TalkBox Voice Messenger”, obviously I am different, special! From common messages, you need to spend time on typing words as a sender. And as a receiver, you can just get the information from the words the opposite side wrote, not exactly what they really want to say. But through me, the talkbox, it becomes possible to do so. Listening to messages is of much more fun than the usual form.

      And also unlike making calls, I am fast yet considerate. It is free messaging, so you save talk-time minutes as it works off of your data plan. Unobtrusive as it is, you get a SMS-like beep when someone sends you a Talkbox notification. You can reply back via voice just like a walkie-talkie at your convenience. No obligation to reply right away. You can just enjoy the gratifying delay and listen back to the messages whenever you want.

     ( Now back to me! I think it is a very good application which I would like to recommend you to use. Even now in China, with a similar one, Weixin, it is getting more and more popular. So if you are interested in this special software, just try and have fun with it! )

2 thoughts on “Why Text, When You Can Send Voice SMS?

  1. Mengmei,
    This is really interesting. Thanks for informing us! I am amazed by all the new inventions that enter the market every minute. Especially in China, where technological progress developes at a high velocity, there must be a lot of crazy inventions we do not know about yet. I do not have an iphone, just a regular mobile phone, but I guess that movement is difficult to stop and soon such voice messages will probably be in common use. I still think it is much nicer to meet up with people personally rather than sending messages back and forth but when you are far from home, I agree with you, it might be nice to hear the voices of your beloved ones, even if it is just for 60 seconds.

  2. Dear Mengmei,
    Thank you for your interesting post. I like that you started with a personal story. The picture you uploaded reminded me immediately of dropbox which caught my interest! I am also a user of an iPod Touch and therefore a potential user of this app. It is good that you gave some advise on where and when we can use it. You gave some reasons why someone should get this application. The structure of the blogpost is clear and it is easy to follow which is important for a blogpost. What I think is really cool is that you write from the “I perspective”. You give your personal opinion in the endwhich rounds up the whole story.
    Thank you

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