4 thoughts on “Hallo, Guten Tag! Hier spricht Google Reader.

  1. Hey Marina,
    Great Post! Very appealing and you put in a lot of useful links. What fascinates me most is that I read a couple of posts about the Reader so far but yours is the first one actually also criticising it and revealing some diasadvantages. This shows you learned to be more critical and that you have the skills to find some negative aspects as well. I also love that you included the time you needed to install it and make it useable, as this could be of great interest for everyone who read your blog and wants to start using the Reader as well. Great networking example in the beginning as well!;)

  2. hi Marina,
    Nice try! All of our group members chose to wrote about the Firefox or the add-ons but you chose “Google Reader”! I have to say that it is very nice to try different things from others’. And the very thing that attracts me most is the words you use to track your steps. Like “7 minutes”,”next day” …it seems that we, readers, are doing the exploring altogether with you. I thought about this topic once but I did not know what to say, so finally I just gave up and changed my choice. Aftering seeing yours, I believe that it is also interesting.
    And you explain everything to us, even critically. I think that is what I need to learn from you: it would be great not always seeing the good stuff but sometimes looking at its disadvantage points.Thanks for your blog!

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