Poll Power

After having been working with WordPress for the last couple of weeks, I just thought, wait a minute, why not write about one of its various functions? I mean, I know the basic steps for publishing an article and making it look “nice” but there is so much more interesting stuff to explore. And I told myself that having a closer look at one of the fancy additional functions could certainly be useful at some point.

That is exactly when the Poll function caught my eye. I did not know much about it before but as I am interested in finding out about other people’s opinions, I wanted to give it a try.

By clicking on the icon, I found out that I had to install a plugin called Polldaddy (yup, no joke) in order to create a poll on our WordPress blog. So I clicked the box and then went on to “create a poll now”. Then a window appeared where I could enter my poll question as well as the answers and other customizing aspects such as on how the results should be displayed etc.

Simultaneously, I got an email from Polldaddy providing me with a password which I could use together with my email address in order to have direct access to their site.  I would recommend creating the poll directly on their site since you can also choose from template options and other possibilities there which I did not see when I first set up the poll questions in WordPress.

So, I tried logging in and found the poll I had created under “All contents”.  But how could I make it appear on our blog?

By putting the mouse on the poll title, I could chose from several options such as “Edit”, “Embed”, “Preview”, “Reports”, “Actions”. I chose “Embed” and a high number of possibilities appeared AGAIN. It is incredible: You can post your poll to almost anywhere! I chose WordPress (after fuddling around for some time) and then the following window appeared:

I copied the code and inserted it into my WordPress post. After having had a look at the draft, I saw that it had worked out nicely. Here you can have a look at my final result, you are most welcome to vote:

This exercise showed me that setting up a poll is not as difficult as I would have thought. (Of course it sounds faster than it was since I just skipped telling you about the couple of times I had to go back and change things and then try again and so on…) I feel proud of myself for having overcome any moment where the possibility of quitting and just working on another topic crossed my mind. I can recommend the Polldaddy’s support section which is the one I consulted when I got stuck. For recap, you can have a look at this support video.

I am amazed by the final result and I think that I will definitely make use of my newly acquired poll-skills throughout both my further studies and my professional life. I imagine that this function comes in handy when it comes to marketing and customer inquiries. Now I understand how some of the website-banners are created and I see that there is not such a mystery to them.

4 thoughts on “Poll Power

  1. Hey Ana,
    this is just awesome! Totally exciting and a great feature to come up with. Dealing with something we have not even heard of in class shows you are a fearless blogger.;) I also think you found just the right level between giving too detailed information and being superficial. Furthermore, your post is very appealing. I agree to you that we can all benefit from this function in the near future, so thanks a lot!;)

  2. Excellent, garciana! What courage, what fun! I didn’t know much about this, so I’m grateful for your advice! To learn more, I just went on the web and asked “how polldaddy works” and found all sorts of interesting stuff, you might check it out and be fascinated to discover a whole world around this little schnick-schnack!

    I found their blog, including photos of the design team, all sorts of things they are adding to it, how differently it might be used, etc.: it’s a real team effort that brought us this, and for me it’s just great to get the look and feel of the people behind it.!

    I found a website I didn’t know about, AppAppeal, which offers an extensive evaluation for people like us considering the use of such things on our websites, including the alternatives, which I made a note of to check out when the time comes. I like such candid appraisals when I want to know about such things, especially as they sometimes point out bugs and alternatives, because nothing is perfect and often, once you get started, one thing leads to another and off you go, discovering a new world.

    For instance, when we were talking about security a couple of weeks ago I went looking for an app to protect my passwords and started playing with 1password, which claims that the encryption is so powerful it would take the world’s fastest computer one trillion years to crack it using the “brute force” (systematically guessing every possible password combination) method. Then I got tired of this bug in the export function of my notebook application, where I store passwords, bookmarks and other notes and make html files that I can read in my browser. After a dozen emails with the developer I realized their problem was not going to be solved soon, but that I could solve MY problem by putting the passwords into 1password, putting the bookmarks into DevonThink, where they are much happier being sorted, tagged, and read right in the app, and I am putting the notes in my writing program, Scrivener, because notes should be next to drafts (duhhh!). See? Every could has a silver lining: you start pulling on a thread and all sorts of things come out.

    Anyway, I found the ReadWriteWeb article on how the company in charge of WordPress.com, Automattic, bought PollDaddy, and what other plugins they have bought from independent developers, and that’s always a fun site to visit because at the bottom there is a list of recent posts that are always interesting.

    And finally, I found their wiki, dragged these links into my database along with your post, which got me started, and so I have a fine little reference section on polling in my database. I love this researching on the web: in minutes you can collect a useful set of resources for now and the future, and with such reduced costs that you can concentrate on your method and the concepts, conversations, and communities. Thanks for the tip!

  3. wow!!! super, I do like your idea! It is amazing for we are working now with wordpress web site and can play with this application.
    Moreover, as you put it here, it makes a web site attractive and you wrote very interesting. I do appreciate that you have searched something , you put a lot of efforts here. Great job! As always, your posts are amazing!!

    I wonder if one can imply it to the social networking, for ex to facebook? I would like to try it)))

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