Fear? No! Pleasure of Firefox!

       I am a girl who don’t like to try new things, perhaps because I am always afraid of a failure after trying. Contrary to me, my younger sister just likes new things very much. Therefore, every time when we go to restaurant, I just choose the same food as usual again and again, but my little sister doesn’t. Pointing the menu, she always kept saying excitedly, “this one looks so tasty! It must be delicious since I have almost felt the smell, which I cannot wait to try.” Seeing her pleased impression after the meals, I have the impulse of changing but still fear and not have enough courage.

    The Firefox, seems to be one of the look-good new dish in my eyes, I was really nerves at first. Going to our group blog, I saw that almost every girl writes and researches about it. I was so curious about whether it really gives us a lot of fun.

     With this question, I installed Firefox at once and went to have a look. After doing so, I was suggested to add several add-ons.

( Hesitating when I was facing with so many different add-ons. )

Firefox: are you always puzzled by questions as what to wear today or should I take an umbrella with me when going outside?

Me: yes! I am confused sometimes about the weather before going out. And especially I travel a lot these days so that I am always repeating to check the weather report online before I pack up my packages.

Firefox: that is it! You can ask AniWeather add-on to help you. AniWeather is Animated Weather and Any Weather! Wherever you go, you can check it every day in the easiest way like this.

After adding it, you can see it easily in the addon bar below anytime when opening the web pages.

Then just click on it, the nearest four days’ weather reports comes out. Oh, pay attention that it will cooling in the coming several days!

And I know you miss your mother very much, right? Do you want to see whether it is sunny in your hometown now? Ok, just change the place to Chengdu, China!

Me: When it rains, it really does! Sounds interesting!

And planned to go to Madrid tomorrow, I search for flights on the easyjet.com at once, knowing that it offers the cheapest flights all the time. However, I still want to make sure the price is the cheapest one.

Firefox: don’t worry. You can try to use “InvisibleHand” which can automatically show you the lowest price when you search for flights, even shop online.

Me: ok, I will try.

After adding this add-on, I go to easyjet.com again. When I just click the bottom to search the flights, above the yellow bar comes to my eyes.

Pulling down the list, I see flights information from other websites according to the price, which makes me relieved that the one on the easyjet is really the cheapest one.

     So far, I totally fall in love with Firefox, with the different kinds of interesting add-ons. Once I was very nerves and confused at first, because in China, under most of the circumstances, the teacher will tell us what to do step by step at the beginning of touching the new things. But here, teachers just give you the right things to explore all by yourselves, not in only one ways, or even not result in just one “standard answer”, which Chinese students love to ask for the best.

     It is of importance that we choose to do it on our own instead of being told everything and copying every step teacher shows us rigidly. Learning from the process that we try to research it, explore it and even play with it, we have the sense of achievement and even have fun with our studies.

    Now seeing the “look-good new dish”, am I in a sense of fear? No! It is my pleasure to try!

2 thoughts on “Fear? No! Pleasure of Firefox!

  1. Hey Mengmei!

    Nice post! I really liked both your narration and your point; I guess we share the favorite browser! I think it is very courageous of you to start your story by describing your personal perspective. It’s a good idea to do so, since it makes it lots easier for the reader to connect to your point.
    I also really liked the outcomes of your conversation with Firefox; you choose very good examples for plug-ins. I think I am going to try out the AniWeather add-on, too, since you presented it very well as something that could be useful to me.
    Are you ready to take some more power, in terms of control, in your hands? In that case, I’d like to share my favorite Firefox Plug-in with you: It’s called AdBlockPlus and can be downloaded here http://adblockplus.org/de/
    And if you’re looking for some more information on it, I’d recommend reading Sashas post about it: http://futurima.wordpress.com/2011/06/28/say-bye-bye-to-my-fear-of-technology-3/

    Good Luck!

  2. Amazing post, mengmei.

    I really loved your introduction and the way you structured your post. The dialogue made it vivid and it was a pleasure to read it.

    I’ve been working with google chrome for 2 weeks and there you also have the possibility of adding tools to your igoogle-site.
    Thats cool. I always know what to wear and whether I should have an umbrella in my bag or not 🙂
    It was really exciting to explore my ‘new’ server. It made me smile because I felt kind of proud that I’m able to handle the new thing on my own!
    And this is definitely the advantage of not searching for THE right answer but rather YOUR right answer!
    I guess and I hope that all of us are a bit healed from the fear of technology. But I’m sure that you are- you illustrated it very well: technology is (can be) a lot of fun!

    Thanks for that great post, good work buddy!

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