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...is a student, who regularly posts for the business application systems course. Over the last couple of weeks I realized that business and IT related topics can be quite intimidating at first, but if you take a closer look, research can be even fun. So enjoy my group´s blog, ´cause my colleagues do a pretty good job,too! ;)

Learning by Doing or how I said bye bye to my Fear of Technology

Honestly speaking: I hardly know anything about computers and the web. Okay, it’s getting better. Nevertheless I always have the same problem: something goes wrong or doesn’t work right from the start. When I was younger I used to freak out, but now that I’m grown up I troubleshoot and I actually realized being determined and staying calm works. Thus if I have a lot of time then I’m even able to enjoy new technical stuff.

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Is there a new dot-com bubble?

Last week Sophie and I talked about potential topics for the upcoming blog post. Again, I was the one freaking out, because I had no idea what to write about. Sophie had no topic for me either, but she advised me to read the Economist or something similar. Long story short (as good old Westphal would say 😉 ) : I read through some articles of The Economist, was linked to The Washington Post where I suddenly read something about a dot-com bubble and hence became so eager to finally understand the whole process of it that I spent my Saturday night  (!!!) with reading blogs, The New York Times and even WordPress.  

Now, let me ask you: Do you know what the dot-com bubble is about? No? Then make sure you continue reading!

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Bing StreetSide – New level of Street Fighting

Have you ever heard about “Bing StreetSide”? Reading this my first thought was like “wait a minute, is it the same as Google Street View?” Curious, I started inquiring about that topic and found some interesting facts; one of them, that Bing StreetSide is Microsoft’s answer to Google Streetview with some additional/improved features…   

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Android@Home – A profitable Business Idea?

Maybe you’ve read my last blog post where I explained what Android@Home is and how one can use it. Today I want to continue with that topic, but instead of just explaining what Android@Home is, I would like to focus on the business aspect, because I wonder what the main idea is? Is it clever to publish such a big project, although other companies already failed? How can companies profit from Android@Home? What if Google sells the collection of personal information to other companies in order to make profit?

Are you curious now? Then let’s take a look at what I found out.

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Android@Home – Control all your Appliances

Since last semester break I regularly watch “The Big Bang Theory” an American sitcom by Chuck Lorre (right, the one who did “Two and a Half Men”) and Bill Prady, which is about Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj, four nerdy scientists who seem to know everything about universe and comics but meeting Penny, Sheldon´s and Leonard´s neighbour and aspiring actress, shows how little they actually know about “normal” life.

Honestly, sometimes it´s way to geeky for me but when I thought about a potential topic for my next blog post I remembered the following scene:

I have to admit, it seems superfluous. Nevertheless I wanted to know whether we “normal” people can do something alike. This is when I started my research and stumbled across Android@Home.

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Police 2.0 – How Police uses Social Networks

Hamburg. In September 2010 a businessman was caught by a speed trap. According to his company, they had lent him a car but could not authenticate that he was actually the one who drove. Thus, an officer checked the businessman’s public facebook profile and immediately identified the suspect as the driver. This way the man got punished appropriately.

This is a true story. With more than 660 million user, facebook becomes more and more interesting for police, since they noticed that social networks are a tremendous tool in gathering information and identifying criminal activity. Especially in the United States police departments set up a facebook profile in order to check up on people but with a different aim… Continue reading

byMii – Online Shopping via Facebook

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

That’s true, isn’t it? Especially since online shopping became popular, it’s so easy to get whatever you want or need. Let’s take a look: in the last two weeks I bought a couple of things online like concert tickets, a round-trip ticket, clothes, shoes… It’s not because I’m lazy that I buy almost everything online it’s just so convenient… I mean you can get everything from everywhere anytime you want. Continue reading