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Poll Power

After having been working with WordPress for the last couple of weeks, I just thought, wait a minute, why not write about one of its various functions? I mean, I know the basic steps for publishing an article and making it look “nice” but there is so much more interesting stuff to explore. And I told myself that having a closer look at one of the fancy additional functions could certainly be useful at some point.

That is exactly when the Poll function caught my eye. I did not know much about it before but as I am interested in finding out about other people’s opinions, I wanted to give it a try. Continue reading


A Business Girl’s two “C“s

“She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along. “

(Margaret Culkin Banning

Today, I would like to put the focus on a topic concerning many “business girls“ and which we might face ourselves at some point in our lives, when it comes to combining family life with a career.

When tiping in the simple search term combination “working women”, a blog with the title ”freakonomics“ instantly caught my attention. The blogger Daniel Hamermesh mentions Italy’s labor-force participation rate of women aged between 25 and 54 recently having increased by more than 20%.

He does not think that those women will “retire from their long-time careers, and thus [finds it] unlikely that they will be available to care for grandchildren full time”, which apparently has become a new social norm in Italy at the present time. But before even talking about grandchildren, we need to get our daughters and sons settled.

So, how is it that mothers can handle the two “C”s in their life: children and career? Continue reading

Should they stay or should they go?

“We have our mobile phones, but we have no children.”

This is a quote by Italy’s finance minister, Giulio Tremonti, in a book called “Fear and Hope”(cf. The Economist here).

Political unrest in Tunisia and Libya have in the current year brought a particularly high number of African migrants to the Italian shores which has resulted in repeated debates related to migration policies within the European Union.

As I am interested in globalization and in migratory issues, I decided to dedicate today’s blog post to “the people from abroad”. In order to narrow this wide topic, I first of all asked myself a couple of preliminary questions: Why does migration take place in the first place? Who can benefit from migration? The home countries or the host countries? Which impact does migration have from the business perspective? How is migration perceived? Continue reading

Hello, can you hear me?

If you drop by any internet café, you may hear more foreign languages being spoken than you will hear German. People of all walks of life having a very in-depth conversation in their native language with their computer. The most likely explanation for this is that they are calling their homeland through one of the VoIP services.

Not heard of VoIP? You will have done, however, it will most likely have been referred to by the most popular VoIP system, Skype. I am sure you will have heard or possibly even said. “Skype me” or “I’ll Skype you soon.” It is starting to become part of the collective vocabulary of the IT savvy population in the same way that “google it” or “I/he/she/it googled” did not so long ago. Continue reading

Thank you for the music


Has anyone seen “The Social Network”? If not, here is a very basic synopsis: “The Social Network” tells the story of Facebook from its very beginning as either the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg or, depending on whom you believe, members of a fraternity at Harvard. The story turns around litigation proceedings in which you are introduced to the people behind what has been called a global communication revolution. One person you are introduced to along the way is Sean Parker.

Parker was a very early employee of Napster.  He was not, however, its creator as we were led to believe in the film. It could be argued that Napster was the previous revolution to hit the internet. It was the very first widely used file sharing program that allowed peer to peer downloading of files, in particular music files.  It brought pirated music from the exchange of mix tape cassettes to a truly global force: The force that appeared to threaten the very core of the music industry. Every illegally downloaded song was seen by the music industry as a missed record sale and it brought every legal force it could muster to bear on Napster. In 2001, Napster was shut down as a peer to peer system due to the fact that it had encouraged copyright infringement. However, the cat was out of the bag and scores of other peer to peer systems popped up in its place. Napster and some of the early systems are still around today in various guises such as eDonkey and Gnutella. They, as well as the others, ran into the same legal issues as Napster and were either closed down entirely or bought over and the brand was used in some similar but legal way.


Many still download illegally from the offspring of these early systems, either through torrents or, more commonly nowadays with the rise in internet speeds, streaming music and video services. These systems are still being shut down as quickly as possible and indeed the individual is the more common target now. Many of us in Germany will know or will have heard about someone who got a big bill for downloading a pop song or a movie clip. Continue reading

From the bar to QR

    Have you come across those       curious cube symbols that seem to be more and more present in public spaces nowadays? I have seen them so often in various contexts recently and always asked myself what the meaning of them might be. It was not until I talked to a friend of mine that I found out about their name and purpose. Continue reading

Sticky as lipgloss

Ever since I started paying more attention to the dimensions of information technologies, I have been noticing its presence in nearly all fields of life. Everyone uses IT, everyone talks about IT, some people read about IT and I write about IT. Recently, I found some inspiration in one of those marketing magazines which are lying around in uni and which you usually just walk past. The issue called “MTP. Mehrwert – Marketing Medium” was dedicated to (mass) media and its role in marketing. It presented a couple of interesting IT related aspects. One article that particularly caught my interest was about word of mouth marketing and its importance in modern age marketing. Continue reading