About Marina Zaitseva

I am Marina. I come from Kazakhstan, but I am not Kazakh. I am Russian, but I have never lived in Russia. I studied English, but I have never been in England. I am a student of Germany, but I dont speak German. Who cares?

brucespear.com or play of words

It is easier than ever before to keep in head a name of any web site.  In fact, any web site, like brucespear.com, can not DIE in our heads: (Disappear- Invalidate – Escape).  We can not forget something that we have never learnt.

Indeed, it makes sense to use surname/name as an Internet domain , which could be considered as a critical step to let other people know who you are and what your name is associated with,. .. unless you are famous and rich…
Hollywood stars usually have a domain starting with their names, like madonna.com, sting.com or piercebrosnan.com. These and many others are desired targets of cybersquattring – registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark (Cybersquatting: What It Is… )

How does the world of cybersquatting look like? Continue reading

Second Review: Blogging

A -Girls-Business is on the halfway of the learning process: technology and people. Four weeks passed fast and each of us wrote 4 new Posts. The new tasks are completed and we believe our work is accounted for as a team – so the individual performance is just part of the overall team performance

Today we would like to summarize what we have learnt for that time, what else is left to be done.

Starting with the goals of the previous review, firstly, we set up personal blogger profiles with photos and short presentation who we are. We made sure that each of us assign posts to a category and add tags. Due to that it is easier to track the most popular topics we are talking about on the website. As before, our posts are rich with diverse themes, the only thing that has changed is that now they are all connected to IT world. Our team makes a good step here and each of the girls developed unique style of writing.

By checking the last posts and doing this review, I must say that we did learn new techniques of writing. First of all, we are discussing only the topics we are interested in, because this the only way to give strong arguments and convince a reader with the importance of the process.

Secondly,  we keep asking! Asking a) ourselves b) what others write c) readers . We  search and compare, we are trying to lead a conversation by posting different opinions on a problem and finding a decision for it. In the moment we are improving  the leading of a conversation and out next goal is to say bye-bye to any fear of technology.

SIX  interesting  facts  about  A- Girls-Business:

1. The most popular topics were dedicated to virtual revolution: Virtual Reality. The reality that could be seen as a second life for marketing. The virtual reality of the maps and roads: what they hide and reveal. What augmented reality stands for and what is the future of it.

2. The best heading: Sticky as Lip-gloss

3. Humane video ever:

4. Girls do not stand aside! Sign for GeoCaching and Volunteer program.

5. The most readable post on these weeks: Police 2.0 – How Police uses Social Networks. Great Job!

6. Make a pause and check this amazing web-site: empireonline.com

Business that kills.

Today I found a new application on the Google Map. It reads: Transportation for America’s Dangerous by Design 2011. This application shows car accidents with  the following fatalities in the USA.Within 60 miles of any chosen state or address, the map reveals all details of the accident.Map marker shows as well a Street View of where the fatality occurred.It does really scare once you type a bigger state than New Hampshire.

If you read the news about Oxfordshire speed cameras, you will agree with me, that it would make sense to expand this application not only through the USA, but the other countries too, so people are aware what is going on the roads they might take today.

This application makes me think about the switched off cameras across Oxfordshire which tested the usefulness of the cameras and the corresponding drivers’ behavior. The cameras were switched off for the whole 8 months, but the first 5 days they did record and showed that as soon as no cameras existed on the roads, drivers simply ignore any speed limits (read more here)  This must be expected for switched off cameras does not encourage self discipline.

The main reason for making this experiment? Continue reading

Here comes a summer sun !

Right now I am sitting in a garden, my back plunges into a wicker chair and the wind blows my hair away. June promises a hot summer.

My laptop makes my knees a little bit warm and the battery is nearing to 15%. Do you happen to have this feeling? You know, you survey Internet, chat, or watch videos, whatever, and then – out of the blue – your battery on its low percentage. You keep on using a laptop for the next 5 minutes, but because of some previous experience (may be your laptop shuts down one day and does not save all information?) it finally makes you stand up and fetch a charging.   Funny though, technology made our life easier when PC started to be available for everyone and we were happy, but as it has turned out … laptops depend on charging and charging depends on the energy.  The same with any electrical devices.

But coming back to the garden…  I really need some power source. Definitely, I would use Samsung’s solar powered laptop, or at least the one they soon release… Continue reading

Die. But leave me your brain.

Last weekends I read a story of R.Dahl “William and Mary”, which is about the relationship between a husband and wife (we will omit their story here) and the death. But not a usual death. William was suffering from cancer and he knew he would die soon. Suddenly, he was offered to undertake a tempting procedure, that would mean to transplant his brain from the body after the death and to plug it in artificial heart. The brain would be placed in a water tank –  in a Ringer’s solution and moreover it would be possible to attach an eye so that “William” can see, read books and newspapers! The doctor is uncertain whether the brain will be consciousness and I am uncertain if all that is actually possible beyond the book… Continue reading

Tomo… was? Tomography.

Last  week, I visited Mrs. Rövenstrunck’s  Dental Clinic “Smile”. And it made me to write about the new technology I saw in her Dental Clinic… Do you remember the time you were said to pull a wisdom tooth out? Did you remove it? OMG, it scares me to death for I have to pull all four! …

Why the wisdom tooth can not get along with the rest teeth and find an extra place in a mouth?  Do you want to get acquainted with your wisdom teeth closer? You can do that either at “Smile” Dental Clinic or by watching the next: … Continue reading