Fear? No! Pleasure of Firefox!

       I am a girl who don’t like to try new things, perhaps because I am always afraid of a failure after trying. Contrary to me, my younger sister just likes new things very much. Therefore, every time when we go to restaurant, I just choose the same food as usual again and again, but my little sister doesn’t. Pointing the menu, she always kept saying excitedly, “this one looks so tasty! It must be delicious since I have almost felt the smell, which I cannot wait to try.” Seeing her pleased impression after the meals, I have the impulse of changing but still fear and not have enough courage.

    The Firefox, seems to be one of the look-good new dish in my eyes, I was really nerves at first. Going to our group blog, I saw that almost every girl writes and researches about it. I was so curious about whether it really gives us a lot of fun.

     With this question, I installed Firefox at once and went to have a look. After doing so, I was suggested to add several add-ons.

( Hesitating when I was facing with so many different add-ons. ) Continue reading


Why Text, When You Can Send Voice SMS?

      ( Yesterday my friends sent an email to me. When I downloaded it and went to see, it appeared a lovely dog saying words to me. What a lovely image and a cute voice! So I just immediately went to the Internet to see what it is. )

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The Virtual Revolution

Last semester, Mr. Mueller introduced a very good video to us and now I also want to share it with you, perhaps some of you have already known it. For the last year, it has been a highlight of the week. It charts the very real impact that the Internet has had on our lives and forecasts how it might develop as access spreads around the globe. Saying much, it is “BBC The Virtual Revolution”. Continue reading

Group Purchasing

Do you have a feeling of always thinking that the price of all products is higher than you expected, when you are doing some shopping?

Nowadays, people are willing to try to find ways to do cheaper purchasing. Time changes, so do social trends. And just in time, a new purchasing style, group purchasing appears.

     So what is group purchasing? Continue reading

Just for Safety, Change your Facebook Password!


     Facebook applications have leaked users’ personal data to third parties, not only recently but for a long time. According to the web security firm Symantec, Facebook apps may have inadvertently leaked millions of Facebook users’ personal data to third parties such as advertisers. Continue reading