Professor X and the Sheer Awesomeness that is Firebug

Welcome to the second part of the quest for beautiful add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox browser!

Before you read this post, please be so kind to read the post I wrote on Sunday, about Professor X and the Pleasure of Firefox Add-ons and about the basics of Mozilla Firefox and my discovery of add-ons.

You might remember that I found this beautiful list of the ‘25 Time Saving Mozilla Firefox Addons for Web Designers and Developers’ from the CrazyLeaf web design blog.

I already presented Professor X to you, a lovely tool to have a glance behind the source code of a website without confusing you with too much details and too foreign HTML commands.

Now, I want to show you other gorgeous add-ons which will help you to understand webdesign and even enable you to change the settings.

And here comes the infamous ‘Firebug’ into existence.

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Learning by Doing or how I said bye bye to my Fear of Technology

Honestly speaking: I hardly know anything about computers and the web. Okay, it’s getting better. Nevertheless I always have the same problem: something goes wrong or doesn’t work right from the start. When I was younger I used to freak out, but now that I’m grown up I troubleshoot and I actually realized being determined and staying calm works. Thus if I have a lot of time then I’m even able to enjoy new technical stuff.

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Professor X and the Pleasure of Firefox Add-Ons

Last week on Tuesday, 21st June 2011, Mozilla Firefox 5 was released and I was curious about the differences between the older version Firefox 4.0.1 and the new one.

However, before I am going to tell you what I found out and where my research was leading me, we all need to be on the same page. If you don’t know what makes Firefox so special, watch this lovely video, but don’t forget that it features Firefox 3.6 and was created by Mozilla itself, therefore, it might be focusing solely on the good stuff.

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Should they stay or should they go?

“We have our mobile phones, but we have no children.”

This is a quote by Italy’s finance minister, Giulio Tremonti, in a book called “Fear and Hope”(cf. The Economist here).

Political unrest in Tunisia and Libya have in the current year brought a particularly high number of African migrants to the Italian shores which has resulted in repeated debates related to migration policies within the European Union.

As I am interested in globalization and in migratory issues, I decided to dedicate today’s blog post to “the people from abroad”. In order to narrow this wide topic, I first of all asked myself a couple of preliminary questions: Why does migration take place in the first place? Who can benefit from migration? The home countries or the host countries? Which impact does migration have from the business perspective? How is migration perceived? Continue reading

Fat Tax. Seriously ??

Arizona. Almost a quarter of the residents are categorized as obese. 50 $. Fine. Arizona. And you are not lucky if you are fat.

Was the implementation of fat tax fair?

Frankly speaking, I haven’t heard about this tax before today. I was reading some news and came across an article about Fat Tax in Arizona, which caught my attention immediately. Under Health program a fee was imposed in Arizona for those people who smoke, have diabetes, overweight and do not follow a doctor’s recommendation.                                                                                                                            The new law increased the cigarette tax as well.

Such approach should reduce the number of smokers and change the unhealthy lifestyle, as well as contribute doctors to talk to their patients about the particular reasons of obesity they have.

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Avon – How to fight against breastcancer AND still make profit

On the occasion of my fifth time running the Avon Women’s Run in Berlin, I decided I needed to write about that event in which I have participated every time for the last five years.

The Avon Women’s Run is a run which organised by the make-up company Avon.                The particular run in which I, my friends and a lot of other girls from our university participated, takes place in Berlin, once a year in May.

Since it was an anniversary for me, I decided that I wanted to write about the walk and the company behind it.

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