A Business Girl’s two “C“s

“She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along. “

(Margaret Culkin Banning

Today, I would like to put the focus on a topic concerning many “business girls“ and which we might face ourselves at some point in our lives, when it comes to combining family life with a career.

When tiping in the simple search term combination “working women”, a blog with the title ”freakonomics“ instantly caught my attention. The blogger Daniel Hamermesh mentions Italy’s labor-force participation rate of women aged between 25 and 54 recently having increased by more than 20%.

He does not think that those women will “retire from their long-time careers, and thus [finds it] unlikely that they will be available to care for grandchildren full time”, which apparently has become a new social norm in Italy at the present time. But before even talking about grandchildren, we need to get our daughters and sons settled.

So, how is it that mothers can handle the two “C”s in their life: children and career? Continue reading


Avon – How to fight against breastcancer AND still make profit

On the occasion of my fifth time running the Avon Women’s Run in Berlin, I decided I needed to write about that event in which I have participated every time for the last five years.

The Avon Women’s Run is a run which organised by the make-up company Avon.                The particular run in which I, my friends and a lot of other girls from our university participated, takes place in Berlin, once a year in May.

Since it was an anniversary for me, I decided that I wanted to write about the walk and the company behind it.

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“A Rose in the Desert” or just a simple part of that Desert?

Hey, guys!Following Dr. B advice, I am going to write about the secondary interests’ area: politics and IT. I feel like to share something what I found interesting and unspoken. Hope you will not waste your time reading this post)

“A Rose in the Desert” or just a simple part of that Desert?

VOGUE. Who has ever hold this magazine in hands? Most of Girls?
What if you want to read articles issued 2 or more months ago? You’d probably go to library or ‘d never read it.

VOGUE. Who has ever open the web – site? I did it today.

The magazine, which is mainly oriented to Fashion and Lifestyle, praises today Asma al-Assad, a wife of Syria’s President, calling her “A Rose in the Desert”   …..  really? Continue reading