Why Text, When You Can Send Voice SMS?

      ( Yesterday my friends sent an email to me. When I downloaded it and went to see, it appeared a lovely dog saying words to me. What a lovely image and a cute voice! So I just immediately went to the Internet to see what it is. )

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A Business Girl’s two “C“s

“She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along. “

(Margaret Culkin Banning

Today, I would like to put the focus on a topic concerning many “business girls“ and which we might face ourselves at some point in our lives, when it comes to combining family life with a career.

When tiping in the simple search term combination “working women”, a blog with the title ”freakonomics“ instantly caught my attention. The blogger Daniel Hamermesh mentions Italy’s labor-force participation rate of women aged between 25 and 54 recently having increased by more than 20%.

He does not think that those women will “retire from their long-time careers, and thus [finds it] unlikely that they will be available to care for grandchildren full time”, which apparently has become a new social norm in Italy at the present time. But before even talking about grandchildren, we need to get our daughters and sons settled.

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How To Buy Knowledge

Yesterday, I went to the Karneval der Kulturen with my best friend. She is studying BioChemistry and I am always wondering how smart she can be to study something which is that complex. (Ö_Ö)

Naturally, we always talk about interesting topics which would be of interest for A Girl’s Business and we stumbled over ‘Wolfram׀Alpha’, which is described by founder Dr. Stephen Wolfram  as a “knowledge engine that computes answers to questions”.

For example, typing in “GDP of France versus Britain” the result will be a comparison with charts and other figures of the two countries’ GDP . You can write down huge mathematical formulas and in the end get not only the solution but also a graph which is showing the root. However, when you ask about the best sci-fi movie in history it will give you a table with the percentage of people having the surname ‘Best’ in America.

Now in spite of that, it is safe to say, that Wolfram׀Alpha is awesome, especially since it was voted the greatest computer innovation of 2009 by Popular Science.

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Is there a new dot-com bubble?

Last week Sophie and I talked about potential topics for the upcoming blog post. Again, I was the one freaking out, because I had no idea what to write about. Sophie had no topic for me either, but she advised me to read the Economist or something similar. Long story short (as good old Westphal would say 😉 ) : I read through some articles of The Economist, was linked to The Washington Post where I suddenly read something about a dot-com bubble and hence became so eager to finally understand the whole process of it that I spent my Saturday night  (!!!) with reading blogs, The New York Times and even WordPress.  

Now, let me ask you: Do you know what the dot-com bubble is about? No? Then make sure you continue reading!

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Second Review: Blogging

A -Girls-Business is on the halfway of the learning process: technology and people. Four weeks passed fast and each of us wrote 4 new Posts. The new tasks are completed and we believe our work is accounted for as a team – so the individual performance is just part of the overall team performance

Today we would like to summarize what we have learnt for that time, what else is left to be done.

Starting with the goals of the previous review, firstly, we set up personal blogger profiles with photos and short presentation who we are. We made sure that each of us assign posts to a category and add tags. Due to that it is easier to track the most popular topics we are talking about on the website. As before, our posts are rich with diverse themes, the only thing that has changed is that now they are all connected to IT world. Our team makes a good step here and each of the girls developed unique style of writing.

By checking the last posts and doing this review, I must say that we did learn new techniques of writing. First of all, we are discussing only the topics we are interested in, because this the only way to give strong arguments and convince a reader with the importance of the process.

Secondly,  we keep asking! Asking a) ourselves b) what others write c) readers . We  search and compare, we are trying to lead a conversation by posting different opinions on a problem and finding a decision for it. In the moment we are improving  the leading of a conversation and out next goal is to say bye-bye to any fear of technology.

SIX  interesting  facts  about  A- Girls-Business:

1. The most popular topics were dedicated to virtual revolution: Virtual Reality. The reality that could be seen as a second life for marketing. The virtual reality of the maps and roads: what they hide and reveal. What augmented reality stands for and what is the future of it.

2. The best heading: Sticky as Lip-gloss

3. Humane video ever:

4. Girls do not stand aside! Sign for GeoCaching and Volunteer program.

5. The most readable post on these weeks: Police 2.0 – How Police uses Social Networks. Great Job!

6. Make a pause and check this amazing web-site: empireonline.com

Business that kills.

Today I found a new application on the Google Map. It reads: Transportation for America’s Dangerous by Design 2011. This application shows car accidents with  the following fatalities in the USA.Within 60 miles of any chosen state or address, the map reveals all details of the accident.Map marker shows as well a Street View of where the fatality occurred.It does really scare once you type a bigger state than New Hampshire.

If you read the news about Oxfordshire speed cameras, you will agree with me, that it would make sense to expand this application not only through the USA, but the other countries too, so people are aware what is going on the roads they might take today.

This application makes me think about the switched off cameras across Oxfordshire which tested the usefulness of the cameras and the corresponding drivers’ behavior. The cameras were switched off for the whole 8 months, but the first 5 days they did record and showed that as soon as no cameras existed on the roads, drivers simply ignore any speed limits (read more here)  This must be expected for switched off cameras does not encourage self discipline.

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