Here comes a summer sun !

Right now I am sitting in a garden, my back plunges into a wicker chair and the wind blows my hair away. June promises a hot summer.

My laptop makes my knees a little bit warm and the battery is nearing to 15%. Do you happen to have this feeling? You know, you survey Internet, chat, or watch videos, whatever, and then – out of the blue – your battery on its low percentage. You keep on using a laptop for the next 5 minutes, but because of some previous experience (may be your laptop shuts down one day and does not save all information?) it finally makes you stand up and fetch a charging.   Funny though, technology made our life easier when PC started to be available for everyone and we were happy, but as it has turned out … laptops depend on charging and charging depends on the energy.  The same with any electrical devices.

But coming back to the garden…  I really need some power source. Definitely, I would use Samsung’s solar powered laptop, or at least the one they soon release… Continue reading


Africa – How mobile phones contribute to the social and economic development

Everyone who knows me, knows I´m addicted to my BlackBerry. Okay I´m not as addicted as Galina described in her post; I would stop using my phone! Nevertheless I can´t imagine a world without a mobile phone. Could you?

This is when I thought about Africa. I mean these people are happy without Information and Communication Technologies, but then I googled “Africa phones” and I came across very interesting articles (1,2,3). According to London Business School an increase of 10 % in mobile phone sales can increase the GDP growth of developing countries by 0.6%. Have you ever thought that mobile phones could contribute that much to the economic growth?

Can ITCs really lead to such a progress in developing countries or would it be better to stick to the good old aid of providing food and medical care? Continue reading