Android@Home – A profitable Business Idea?

Maybe you’ve read my last blog post where I explained what Android@Home is and how one can use it. Today I want to continue with that topic, but instead of just explaining what Android@Home is, I would like to focus on the business aspect, because I wonder what the main idea is? Is it clever to publish such a big project, although other companies already failed? How can companies profit from Android@Home? What if Google sells the collection of personal information to other companies in order to make profit?

Are you curious now? Then let’s take a look at what I found out.

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Android@Home – Control all your Appliances

Since last semester break I regularly watch “The Big Bang Theory” an American sitcom by Chuck Lorre (right, the one who did “Two and a Half Men”) and Bill Prady, which is about Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj, four nerdy scientists who seem to know everything about universe and comics but meeting Penny, Sheldon´s and Leonard´s neighbour and aspiring actress, shows how little they actually know about “normal” life.

Honestly, sometimes it´s way to geeky for me but when I thought about a potential topic for my next blog post I remembered the following scene:

I have to admit, it seems superfluous. Nevertheless I wanted to know whether we “normal” people can do something alike. This is when I started my research and stumbled across Android@Home.

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