Die. But leave me your brain.

Last weekends I read a story of R.Dahl “William and Mary”, which is about the relationship between a husband and wife (we will omit their story here) and the death. But not a usual death. William was suffering from cancer and he knew he would die soon. Suddenly, he was offered to undertake a tempting procedure, that would mean to transplant his brain from the body after the death and to plug it in artificial heart. The brain would be placed in a water tank –  in a Ringer’s solution and moreover it would be possible to attach an eye so that “William” can see, read books and newspapers! The doctor is uncertain whether the brain will be consciousness and I am uncertain if all that is actually possible beyond the book… Continue reading


Tomo… was? Tomography.

Last  week, I visited Mrs. Rövenstrunck’s  Dental Clinic “Smile”. And it made me to write about the new technology I saw in her Dental Clinic… Do you remember the time you were said to pull a wisdom tooth out? Did you remove it? OMG, it scares me to death for I have to pull all four! …

Why the wisdom tooth can not get along with the rest teeth and find an extra place in a mouth?  Do you want to get acquainted with your wisdom teeth closer? You can do that either at “Smile” Dental Clinic or by watching the next: … Continue reading