Avon – How to fight against breastcancer AND still make profit

On the occasion of my fifth time running the Avon Women’s Run in Berlin, I decided I needed to write about that event in which I have participated every time for the last five years.

The Avon Women’s Run is a run which organised by the make-up company Avon.                The particular run in which I, my friends and a lot of other girls from our university participated, takes place in Berlin, once a year in May.

Since it was an anniversary for me, I decided that I wanted to write about the walk and the company behind it.

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The Rucksack Theory

I am sitting in my room, in front of my labtop (looking up the spelling of “laptop” on pons.de), listening to a Reggaeton song about a web cam (!) and being once more surprised by the huge amount of IT in the air. It used to be love, I vaguely remember it.

Still not feeling inspired after having surfed through a couple of online newspapers ‘ technology sections and having found out about the World Wide Wedding having been a major event that has beaten all internet records, I have now decided to write about a theory that has influenced my behaviour towards life: The Rucksack Theory. Continue reading