Poll Power

After having been working with WordPress for the last couple of weeks, I just thought, wait a minute, why not write about one of its various functions? I mean, I know the basic steps for publishing an article and making it look “nice” but there is so much more interesting stuff to explore. And I told myself that having a closer look at one of the fancy additional functions could certainly be useful at some point.

That is exactly when the Poll function caught my eye. I did not know much about it before but as I am interested in finding out about other people’s opinions, I wanted to give it a try. Continue reading


Bing StreetSide – New level of Street Fighting

Have you ever heard about “Bing StreetSide”? Reading this my first thought was like “wait a minute, is it the same as Google Street View?” Curious, I started inquiring about that topic and found some interesting facts; one of them, that Bing StreetSide is Microsoft’s answer to Google Streetview with some additional/improved features…   

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The Future Of Reality

As you might know, I wrote my last blog post about augmented reality and the new options it may hold for customers to enjoy and experience new technical discoveries, but then I noticed that I had written a lot about the way augmented reality works, but nothing about possible business ideas.

That I presented to you Layar and Total Immersion was only the beginning in a broad field of new companies and new ways of making money with techniques of augmented reality, so I decided to write an entry to give people a first idea of what to do when wanting to make money with augmented reality.

 So how can one’s company use this hot new technology to make money? Is augmented reality really the future of advertisement? And will augmented reality really be implemented in our daily life?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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Reality Check Ahead!

I think we can all agree that reality is pretty nice and I think we can more than agree that computers and the internet where one of the most important inventions in the last years. Not only have we access to huge amounts of data, but we are also able to communicate with people all over the world and very important as well, make money and set up one’s own business.

But can we make reality and the internet work together? Can we use the latest technology to broaden our senses and find new exciting ways to establish new companies and new ways to make money?

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What happened to ORANGE PEELS?

Hey, gus! Every one knows a sole proprietorship – OOOP (Oranienburger Str. Orange Peel People) with “Mrs. Rövenstrunck as the sole owner”. And who was unlucky and missed the chance to get acquainted with this wonderful Company – don’t worry! – I am here to mention: “OOPP was the business of buying and selling dried orange peels” during the 1st Semester.

As we knew, Mrs. Rövenstrunck used to obtain her orange peels from Northern Fruit Wholesales (NFW), but her business was not doing so great and although Mrs. Rövenstrunck did introduce a new business line – orange peels with a slightly more yellowish look – the expectations were not that high. With 225 orange peels left in inventory, Mrs. Rövenstrunck took a decision to shut down OOOP business and open a …  Dental Clinic!!Being the sole operator at OOOP, Mrs. Rövenstrunck had a great experience behind and it was not new for her to open a new Business.

But! One morning, … Continue reading

Podcasts – It´s free, it´s fun, there is one for everyone!

Have you ever heard about podcasts? Do you know what it is?

Before doing some research on that topic I only knew that I could download podcasts for example on iTunes and that even HWR offers them. Anyway, I never used nor cared about podcasts. But when we were supposed to think about our interests in relation to business and IT I suddenly came across podcasts again. That was the point when I became eager to know more about podcasting.

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