Learning by Doing or how I said bye bye to my Fear of Technology

Honestly speaking: I hardly know anything about computers and the web. Okay, it’s getting better. Nevertheless I always have the same problem: something goes wrong or doesn’t work right from the start. When I was younger I used to freak out, but now that I’m grown up I troubleshoot and I actually realized being determined and staying calm works. Thus if I have a lot of time then I’m even able to enjoy new technical stuff.

Therefore it was a good experience to get to know something about Add-ons like ZoteroContinue reading


Cloudy with chance of success

Last week I was trying to download the newest system software for my iPod, when I saw the advertisements about Apple’s so-called iCloud and I remembered that I had actually read an article about it in The Economist.

Now I was wondering, what is iCloud?

What is Cloud Computing in general and how can businesses benefit from it? Continue reading

Android@Home – A profitable Business Idea?

Maybe you’ve read my last blog post where I explained what Android@Home is and how one can use it. Today I want to continue with that topic, but instead of just explaining what Android@Home is, I would like to focus on the business aspect, because I wonder what the main idea is? Is it clever to publish such a big project, although other companies already failed? How can companies profit from Android@Home? What if Google sells the collection of personal information to other companies in order to make profit?

Are you curious now? Then let’s take a look at what I found out.

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Die. But leave me your brain.

Last weekends I read a story of R.Dahl “William and Mary”, which is about the relationship between a husband and wife (we will omit their story here) and the death. But not a usual death. William was suffering from cancer and he knew he would die soon. Suddenly, he was offered to undertake a tempting procedure, that would mean to transplant his brain from the body after the death and to plug it in artificial heart. The brain would be placed in a water tank –  in a Ringer’s solution and moreover it would be possible to attach an eye so that “William” can see, read books and newspapers! The doctor is uncertain whether the brain will be consciousness and I am uncertain if all that is actually possible beyond the book… Continue reading

Fat Tax. Seriously ??

Arizona. Almost a quarter of the residents are categorized as obese. 50 $. Fine. Arizona. And you are not lucky if you are fat.

Was the implementation of fat tax fair?

Frankly speaking, I haven’t heard about this tax before today. I was reading some news and came across an article about Fat Tax in Arizona, which caught my attention immediately. Under Health program a fee was imposed in Arizona for those people who smoke, have diabetes, overweight and do not follow a doctor’s recommendation.                                                                                                                            The new law increased the cigarette tax as well.

Such approach should reduce the number of smokers and change the unhealthy lifestyle, as well as contribute doctors to talk to their patients about the particular reasons of obesity they have.

But these are not the all intentions. And may be … Continue reading

Just for Safety, Change your Facebook Password!


     Facebook applications have leaked users’ personal data to third parties, not only recently but for a long time. According to the web security firm Symantec, Facebook apps may have inadvertently leaked millions of Facebook users’ personal data to third parties such as advertisers. Continue reading