Professor X and the Sheer Awesomeness that is Firebug

Welcome to the second part of the quest for beautiful add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox browser!

Before you read this post, please be so kind to read the post I wrote on Sunday, about Professor X and the Pleasure of Firefox Add-ons and about the basics of Mozilla Firefox and my discovery of add-ons.

You might remember that I found this beautiful list of the ‘25 Time Saving Mozilla Firefox Addons for Web Designers and Developers’ from the CrazyLeaf web design blog.

I already presented Professor X to you, a lovely tool to have a glance behind the source code of a website without confusing you with too much details and too foreign HTML commands.

Now, I want to show you other gorgeous add-ons which will help you to understand webdesign and even enable you to change the settings.

And here comes the infamous ‘Firebug’ into existence.

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Professor X and the Pleasure of Firefox Add-Ons

Last week on Tuesday, 21st June 2011, Mozilla Firefox 5 was released and I was curious about the differences between the older version Firefox 4.0.1 and the new one.

However, before I am going to tell you what I found out and where my research was leading me, we all need to be on the same page. If you don’t know what makes Firefox so special, watch this lovely video, but don’t forget that it features Firefox 3.6 and was created by Mozilla itself, therefore, it might be focusing solely on the good stuff.

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How To Buy Knowledge

Yesterday, I went to the Karneval der Kulturen with my best friend. She is studying BioChemistry and I am always wondering how smart she can be to study something which is that complex. (Ö_Ö)

Naturally, we always talk about interesting topics which would be of interest for A Girl’s Business and we stumbled over ‘Wolfram׀Alpha’, which is described by founder Dr. Stephen Wolfram  as a “knowledge engine that computes answers to questions”.

For example, typing in “GDP of France versus Britain” the result will be a comparison with charts and other figures of the two countries’ GDP . You can write down huge mathematical formulas and in the end get not only the solution but also a graph which is showing the root. However, when you ask about the best sci-fi movie in history it will give you a table with the percentage of people having the surname ‘Best’ in America.

Now in spite of that, it is safe to say, that Wolfram׀Alpha is awesome, especially since it was voted the greatest computer innovation of 2009 by Popular Science.

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Business that kills.

Today I found a new application on the Google Map. It reads: Transportation for America’s Dangerous by Design 2011. This application shows car accidents with  the following fatalities in the USA.Within 60 miles of any chosen state or address, the map reveals all details of the accident.Map marker shows as well a Street View of where the fatality occurred.It does really scare once you type a bigger state than New Hampshire.

If you read the news about Oxfordshire speed cameras, you will agree with me, that it would make sense to expand this application not only through the USA, but the other countries too, so people are aware what is going on the roads they might take today.

This application makes me think about the switched off cameras across Oxfordshire which tested the usefulness of the cameras and the corresponding drivers’ behavior. The cameras were switched off for the whole 8 months, but the first 5 days they did record and showed that as soon as no cameras existed on the roads, drivers simply ignore any speed limits (read more here)  This must be expected for switched off cameras does not encourage self discipline.

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Cloudy with chance of success

Last week I was trying to download the newest system software for my iPod, when I saw the advertisements about Apple’s so-called iCloud and I remembered that I had actually read an article about it in The Economist.

Now I was wondering, what is iCloud?

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The Future Of Reality

As you might know, I wrote my last blog post about augmented reality and the new options it may hold for customers to enjoy and experience new technical discoveries, but then I noticed that I had written a lot about the way augmented reality works, but nothing about possible business ideas.

That I presented to you Layar and Total Immersion was only the beginning in a broad field of new companies and new ways of making money with techniques of augmented reality, so I decided to write an entry to give people a first idea of what to do when wanting to make money with augmented reality.

 So how can one’s company use this hot new technology to make money? Is augmented reality really the future of advertisement? And will augmented reality really be implemented in our daily life?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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Die. But leave me your brain.

Last weekends I read a story of R.Dahl “William and Mary”, which is about the relationship between a husband and wife (we will omit their story here) and the death. But not a usual death. William was suffering from cancer and he knew he would die soon. Suddenly, he was offered to undertake a tempting procedure, that would mean to transplant his brain from the body after the death and to plug it in artificial heart. The brain would be placed in a water tank –  in a Ringer’s solution and moreover it would be possible to attach an eye so that “William” can see, read books and newspapers! The doctor is uncertain whether the brain will be consciousness and I am uncertain if all that is actually possible beyond the book… Continue reading