The Virtual Revolution

Last semester, Mr. Mueller introduced a very good video to us and now I also want to share it with you, perhaps some of you have already known it. For the last year, it has been a highlight of the week. It charts the very real impact that the Internet has had on our lives and forecasts how it might develop as access spreads around the globe. Saying much, it is “BBC The Virtual Revolution”. Continue reading


Do I need Facebook and Twitter?

When I first read Sarah’s blog–“THE BIG BLOG BUSINESS”, Twitter comes to my mind. Since online blogs have become significant in recent years, a new kind called twitter, which is more convenient, appears. So I go to Google Blog Search to see the development of the two. Surprisingly, many articles about comparison between Facebook and Twitter turned up. Continue reading

The Rucksack Theory

I am sitting in my room, in front of my labtop (looking up the spelling of “laptop” on, listening to a Reggaeton song about a web cam (!) and being once more surprised by the huge amount of IT in the air. It used to be love, I vaguely remember it.

Still not feeling inspired after having surfed through a couple of online newspapers ‘ technology sections and having found out about the World Wide Wedding having been a major event that has beaten all internet records, I have now decided to write about a theory that has influenced my behaviour towards life: The Rucksack Theory. Continue reading