About the Ladies

We are students of International Business Management at the HWR in Berlin and we have created this blog for our class Business Application Systems.

Feel free to read our blogposts about IT, business and everything else we are interested in.

Ana                                                                            Marina

Sarah                                                                        Mengmei

Sophie                                                                      Franzi

2 thoughts on “About the Ladies

  1. Hey Ladies!

    Your website is looking better and better with every week.

    The tag cloud works beautifully, offering me a fine overview alongside your posts: all that work choosing better terms has paid off!

    Your use of “more” is staged beautifully: every recent post leads up to it with drama, arousing my curiosity while informing me of what wonders lie within.

    The images sit intelligently and attractively with the text, illuminating as well as flattering.

    Your highlighting of key words in blue and orange is not my style, I don’t go to the trouble, but it works nicely to add light and humor, to slow me down and invite me to consider the words and phrases more carefully.

    I am especially pleased to see more reporting on sources, and especially as Sarah in her Second Life (SL) post (and in the post by Sascha on the Futurima blog she refers to) are doing. (I am these days editing my Smart Blogging Is Passionate post and learning to phrase it like this: “learn how to be more comparative than declarative: illuminate what professionals are discussing with each other by presenting their comments clearly and setting one against the other so we might appreciate their differences. If your goal is to enter their company (inviting them to comment on your blog, recognize and help guide your work, and offer you an internship, etc.), then a two-track/parallel scheme is in order. The first is about SL business and SL technology. The second is about those discussing SL, including, where they come from what they think, how they operate, what they like to discuss, etc.

    One more thing: your “Duster” theme has just been updated and given a very special name, putting it alongside, if not replacing the standard default WordPress theme: you might check it out Twenty Eleven. Your choosing Duster suggests a very thoughtful choice to begin with, and with Ian Stewart and the WP crew investing a lot of time and energy into it suggests prescience!

    You’ll find that it prints even more beautifully (more faithful to what you see on the screen, this has long been a weak spot of wordpress themes).

    There are more styles, including simply fabulous styles for quoting and more Tumblr-like styles for images.

    I think there has been some cleaning up of the typography, making a very readable style even more so. I think the comment boxes have been cleaned up in design (and function: they don’t break when you expand them as they used to).

    And you can do things like customize the color of links, which given your consistent use of color for highlighting for emphasis suggests a number of tantalizing possibilities. For instance, you are now using red and blue to highlight text: how about changing the color of links to green? I’ve never seen a green link, but I think this style might support it and it could be VERY interesting.

    And you do this not simply to make it pretty, but to increase the website’s overall beauty: its coherence, dignity, and so strength as a communications medium: compelling your readers to visit, stay, and take your work seriously.

    Finally, the photos above are a great help. The HWR is a wonderful place, but a factory none the less, and these photos put a human face on your blog as well as give me a chance to remember who is saying what. So, thanks! They also reflect confidence on your part, including your commitment to developing professional, public roles as responsible managers, and not incidentally, offering your future employers and colleagues an opportunity to get to know you. It is a pleasure!


  2. Thank you for this post and Your time! We do appreciate your advices and comments.

    Thanks to our Moderators! I must say the girls do not only work on the web site design,
    but also help other members with any arising questions.
    The green idea is actually great, I’ve read once that the green is often preferred in advertising
    for it is pleasant for human eyes, but of course, it depends on the type of advertisement.

    I’ve changed the orange color.
    It was supposed to give warmness, for my post is about solar powered batteries and Sun!
    But, may be my idea was unclear or ambiguous.


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