Why Text, When You Can Send Voice SMS?

      ( Yesterday my friends sent an email to me. When I downloaded it and went to see, it appeared a lovely dog saying words to me. What a lovely image and a cute voice! So I just immediately went to the Internet to see what it is. )

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The Virtual Revolution

Last semester, Mr. Mueller introduced a very good video to us and now I also want to share it with you, perhaps some of you have already known it. For the last year, it has been a highlight of the week. It charts the very real impact that the Internet has had on our lives and forecasts how it might develop as access spreads around the globe. Saying much, it is “BBC The Virtual Revolution”. Continue reading

Police 2.0 – How Police uses Social Networks

Hamburg. In September 2010 a businessman was caught by a speed trap. According to his company, they had lent him a car but could not authenticate that he was actually the one who drove. Thus, an officer checked the businessman’s public facebook profile and immediately identified the suspect as the driver. This way the man got punished appropriately.

This is a true story. With more than 660 million user, facebook becomes more and more interesting for police, since they noticed that social networks are a tremendous tool in gathering information and identifying criminal activity. Especially in the United States police departments set up a facebook profile in order to check up on people but with a different aim… Continue reading

Meet My Movie Mastermind

How IMDb makes money out of movie databases.

I love movies.

Going to cinema and talking about actors, characters, subplots and meta moments in films gives me a fuzzy feeling, because isn’t it nice to sometimes escape real life? 😀

To get all the geeky knowledge with which one is able to point out what the most interesting part of a movie will be (without ever having seen it) it is nearly compulsory to read a movie magazine.

My favourite magazine is EMPIRE,  which is based in the United Kingdom and is coincidentally the biggest selling movie magazine there. I buy it faithfully every month and it costs me the horrendous sum of Continue reading

byMii – Online Shopping via Facebook

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

That’s true, isn’t it? Especially since online shopping became popular, it’s so easy to get whatever you want or need. Let’s take a look: in the last two weeks I bought a couple of things online like concert tickets, a round-trip ticket, clothes, shoes… It’s not because I’m lazy that I buy almost everything online it’s just so convenient… I mean you can get everything from everywhere anytime you want. Continue reading

Just for Safety, Change your Facebook Password!


     Facebook applications have leaked users’ personal data to third parties, not only recently but for a long time. According to the web security firm Symantec, Facebook apps may have inadvertently leaked millions of Facebook users’ personal data to third parties such as advertisers. Continue reading

Do I need Facebook and Twitter?

When I first read Sarah’s blog–“THE BIG BLOG BUSINESS”, Twitter comes to my mind. Since online blogs have become significant in recent years, a new kind called twitter, which is more convenient, appears. So I go to Google Blog Search to see the development of the two. Surprisingly, many articles about comparison between Facebook and Twitter turned up. Continue reading